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lHe lurks in the night, he has a most stern stare, his sidekicks are Red Birds, and he debuted last year as part of Le Carnaval des Spectres at Artoyz Paris…he is OLIVER!

Oliver is one of two amazing new vinyl figures from Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters in partnership with Artoyz Paris.  In an earlier painting by Kathie, Oliver(also known as Bat Boy to fans), quickly became a coveted image, and collectors lobbied for his transition to 3D. The day is getting closer when this small mischief maker and his Red Bird sidekicks can protect your home from evil-doers –  we are getting to see some of the future colorways, alongside with Brandt Peters’ Mortimer the Mortician!



Known for his amazing ability to fly over post-apocalyptic lands Oliver, the amazing bat child will always survive any traumatic world threatening scenario. A harbinger of potential earth shattering terror, you only need to put on your fear mongering hat when his shadow appears above you.

Fear not his carnivorous scavengers. His trusty sidekicks only feed on the dead, preferring the eyes and lips, but will nosh on fingers and toes when the need to fly long distances arises.

Details :
• 6 1/4” tall from bottom of figure to tips of bat ears
• Comes with 2 Scavenger Birds
• (4) Four different color ways to choose from!
• Limited : 200 pieces per color variant
• $60 (SRP)



… from Artoyz and Award winning toy designer, Brandt Peters, comes an all new scaled up” limited edition” adaption of his classic narwhal, Mortimer the Mortician. This undertaker originated from Peters’ long sold out Carnies mini-series. Mortimer comes equipped with his trusty straight razor and his favorite bottle of Toxico, embalming fluid. Mortimer the Mortician – keeping stiffs in Caskets since 1932…

Details :

• 6” tall from belly to tip of horn
• Comes with 2 accessories: Straight Razor and “Toxico” bottle
• (4) Four different color ways to choose from!
• Limited : 200 pieces per color variant
• $60 (SRP)

Below is one of the color test sheets for Oliver, and he certainly looks all business!
Colorway 1

Early prototype sample of Oliver and Mortimer at Le Carnaval des Spectres in the background.

Stay tuned for release information – we’ll keep you updated as the details drop!

Elizabeth in a bear suitIt is like Halloween in here, because the eye candy is coming non stop! Two more 3D renderings from the 2013 Blind Box Mini-series WANDERING MISFITS by Cardboard Spaceship Toys based on Kathie Olivas’ and Brandt Peters’ familiar characters have turned up! The sculpts by Scott Wetterschneider of Shinbone Creative are looking amazing!

Above we, have Elizabeth in a Bear Suit adorned in a bear hat, dunce cap, collar dress, and of course a lollipop. This piece most definitely screams in Kathie’s beloved style. Below, we have the cherished Boo Skelve in all its not-too scary-glory. We love the added rib cage on this fella.

More images will turn up soon as well as more news on the series!

Boo skelve


One of the most enduring characters in the Doubleparlour menagerie is the mysterious masked girl – Miette. We spotted her in last year’s ANOMIE dangling from a tire swing(image above), and Doubleparlour’s Instagram feed promises us a few more versions of this enigmatic child.

Whatever incarnation Miette takes next, knowing Doubleparlour, we are certain that it will be wonderful and charming, and…probably served with a side of disconcerting uneasiness.

Below, Miettes in progress, and what looks like a Miette bust…wearing a person suit.



Doubleparlour’s Pink Eye opens May 3rd at Stranger Factory!



BPcoinAll the way from DesignerCon and all the way back in time from 2012,  the CP Store has in stock the limited edition DesignerCon  “Death Coins”  featuring original art from Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas! These fun coins showcase some of our favorite characters such as Stingy Jack and Calliope Jackalope on one side, and candies on the other. We aren’t ancient Greeks, so no need to put these on the eyes of your dead, but you can proudly display them with the rest of your Circus collection.

Each 1 inch diameter coin is sold separately for $10 and can be found here. Oh, did we mention these were an edition of only 100?



Study 1Chet Zar has been incredibly busy creating brilliantly-orchestrated creatures, and we are starting to see some of these forms take shape for Oddfellows. These original study paintings are being churned out right and left by Chet, and they perfectly illuminate his macabre tones. Be it a smokestack creature or one that makes my head wander to childhood nightmares involving a cloaked long faced being, this show will undoubtedly stir the mind.

If you have been following the blog closely(which you should, because we are charming and wonderful), you might have seen our coverage of custom made frames by Chet, and thought to yourself “Hmm, what might go in these dark enclosures.” Many of these studies will be combined with the masterfully and painstakingly constructed frames to perfectly pair the mood surrounding the work. We haven’t seen the combinations just yet, but the show is just over a week away!

Study 2



Chet Zar and Doktor A’s Oddfellows opens at Stranger Factory on May 3rd with a reception from 6-9pm. Chet Zar will be present.


Kuma 3D

You have seen the drawings! Now, get ready to have a look at the 3D modeling tests! Up first, is The Kuma Skelve from the 2013 Blind Box Mini-series WANDERING MISFITS by Cardboard Spaceship Toys based on Kathie Olivas’ and Brandt Peters’ familiar characters. Sculpt is by Scott Wetterschneider of Shinbone Creative.

The personality in this guy is starting to show from the slightly slanted bow tie to the traditional top hat. I wonder what character we will see next in Wandering Misfits?


We are all really looking forward to welcoming Doubleparlour’s new batch of odd, unsettling creatures(humanoid, and i-don’t-even-know-what-noid) to Stranger Factory in a couple weeks. Doubleparlour are Ernie and Cassandra Velasco, a husband-wife team from San Francisco, and maybe from Mars.


Doubleparlour’s brand of peculiar misfits have been making waves across the art world, and every new turn they take has been startling and fascinating. They’re always full of surprises – some sweet, some sour, some gooey – which is part of the fun!

They were also gracious enough to let me lob a few questions at them, so read on for a bit more insight into their work, inspirations and process!

CP: What is Pink Eye about? What is the backstory for the new group of creatures we’ll be seeing in April?

Doubleparlour: It is about the joys of conjunctivitis of course! Well, not exactly…however, it is the theme that bonds our creatures together.

(CP: Below is an image of a work coming to our gallery! Did you think they were kidding about the conjunctivitis?)


CP: Your style has transitioned a bit in the past few years, but it somehow feels like your current work is exactly what you’ve been meaning to do. Tell us about how your work has evolved?

Doubleparlour: We are loving the whole creature/monster thing right now…it has evolved naturally from the making of odd ball type characters. Our current work is what strikes our fancy at the moment. With monsters, there are no rules! Our work will continue to evolve as we continue to explore….

CP: How do the two of you collaborate on your pieces? It seems like you both do everything!

Doubleparlour: We do collaborate to a certain extent…in general though, Ernie does most of the sculpting and Cassie does most of the painting.

(CP: below, a piece gets perfectly detailed for Pink Eye)


CP: You’ve just started to dip your hands into resin casting – can we expect more from you on that front?

Doubleparlour: You noticed. :) We just learned how! Casting is a whole other animal. It was a lot of trial and error to master the silicone mold…but definitely rewarding to pop a complete figure out in 20 minutes. We will make more in the future for limited releases.

Of course, this is just another project, we aren’t going to stop sculpting and making originals-that is where the fun is. For our Stranger Factory show, all pieces are hand sculpted originals.

CP: What are your collective influences? Is that some sort of bargaining process to decide what pieces end up being part of the Doubleparlour world?

Doubleparlour: Horror and monster movies, kaiju figures, cartoons and comic books, coffee and pastries, art and music. We have similar taste in art and slightly different taste in music…Ernie is more metal, Cassie is more bubblegum. There is no bargaining process for what ends up in our world, just lots of ideas that get tossed around and discussed before they come to life.


Doubleparlour’s Pink Eye opens at Stranger Factory on May 3rd!


Ryinak Web

In our campaign to show all the places you can stay informed on your favorite CP artists, we give you all the awesome internet links for Chris Ryniak.

Here are all the tools necessary to stay up to date on Chris Ryniak – so go look at all he has to offer!

Chris’ Website








News from CP


It has been a long nine months since we got a glimpse at Mortimer the Mortician at Le Carnaval des Spectresand it looks like this cadaver loving narwhal is back and prepping for an autopsy in your living room!

First brought to 3D form in Brandt Peters’ Carnies blind box series, Mortimer has quickly become a fan favorite with collectors. He has been popping up from time to time in more of Brandt’s paintings and sketches, but now, Mortimer is reappearing in 3D form in partnership with Artoyz Paris

Above, we get to see the Pantone assignments from the Artoyz release, and just like Mortimer, it has “cool” written all over it. Mortimer is full of the little details Brandt is known for – the bowler hat,  the anchor tattoo, thebow tie – this marine mammal is gonna be awesome.

oliver mortimer-print



Keep a close eye in the coming weeks for many new features on Mortimer the Mortician!