The Creatures of Chet Zar

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Study 1Chet Zar has been incredibly busy creating brilliantly-orchestrated creatures, and we are starting to see some of these forms take shape for Oddfellows. These original study paintings are being churned out right and left by Chet, and they perfectly illuminate his macabre tones. Be it a smokestack creature or one that makes my head wander to childhood nightmares involving a cloaked long faced being, this show will undoubtedly stir the mind.

If you have been following the blog closely(which you should, because we are charming and wonderful), you might have seen our coverage of custom made frames by Chet, and thought to yourself “Hmm, what might go in these dark enclosures.” Many of these studies will be combined with the masterfully and painstakingly constructed frames to perfectly pair the mood surrounding the work. We haven’t seen the combinations just yet, but the show is just over a week away!

Study 2



Chet Zar and Doktor A’s Oddfellows opens at Stranger Factory on May 3rd with a reception from 6-9pm. Chet Zar will be present.


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