Tiberius Shutterbug

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Not to rub it in, but we’ve gotten a look at all of Doktor A‘s pieces for Oddfellows, and you should really just go ahead and remain close to padded objects, because you will be knocked off your feet. Doktor A has been working at a level of near obsessive detail(actually, probably just obsessive), and the work looks amazing from every angle.

Below are some sneaky little previews of a brassy gentleman called Tiberius Shutterbug. You can probably guess that there’s a camera involved, but you should plan to have your mind blown by the level of meticulous minutia in this piece, right down to the perfect little rivets and actual tiny faux vintage photographs. How many photographs, you ask? Surely no one would really bother making more than five…maybe ten of them? Well, there’s more than ten. More than twenty actually – there’s thirty-three of them.

ShutterburgTeaserLorez ShutterburgBirdyLorez

Doktor A writes:

The new science of Photography heralds a fresh artistic era.

One in which the everyman can create images as beautiful as any trained painter. Why hire a professional, when with the simple application of basic equipment, anyone can take their own pictures?

A popular idea not shared by Tiberius. Anyone may be able to click off a few snap shots, but it takes great skill to make truly great images.

Just don’t get him started on the advantages of photographs over paintings.


We look forward to welcoming Tiberius Shutterbug and his miniature photography portfolio to Stranger Factory. Doktor A and Chet Zar’s Oddfellows opens on May 3rd.

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