This isn’t the Shai Hulud ride? MMIII

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Recently, we brought you this dandy of a “work in progress” image from Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas that led us all a twitter with excitement.
hard at work 2Speculation grew – a pumpkin greeter Skelve? Pumpkin lanterns? Now, we can put all the guesses  to rest because we have a finished design!

I thought I was riding Shai HuludKathie and Brandt  have created a truly magical piece for Monsters & Misfits IIIThat amazing pumpkin head threw us all a curve ball, because the proud noggin sits atop a lovely collared double-breasted coat worn by Kathie’s “Elizabeth”.

We all know proper parade participants must look dapper, so a very chimney like top hat is perched on our pumpkin friend’s head. But – what perfectly accentuates this gent is his choice of travel. To get him through the parade route, he is accompanied by a glorious segmented worm with numerous folds and a proud smile.  Hands down, this is awesome!

The gloves are off with the artists because Monsters & Misfits III is less than a month away!

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