The Meticulous Makings of Miss Monster

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She has a love for monsters, a grasp on tentacles, a legendary twitter feed, and seeks refuge with the WWE, she is Miss Monster!

Melita Curphy aka Miss Monster simply put, makes monsters. She even does this full time.Talking to her the past couple years at Dragon*Con, you can see the compassion and vehemence she has for her craft. This was never more obvious than with the costume she endured during Dragon*Con. That was an undertaking! Her nom de plume fits her art perfectly!

Melita, in my opinion, has perfected making dolls and masks. The masks are uncannily amazing and detailed. The dolls she creates are all hand sewn, hand cast, hand painted, and hand amazing. Seriously, these could be creatures you see in Labyrinth or the Dark Crystal scurrying around. Melita doesn’t stop there, she is also well crafted with her paints, design, leather crafting, and printing. She is all over mediums actually.

Check out Miss Monster here, and we are proud to have her in Stranger Factory’s “Subterrane” group sculpture exhibit coming Nov. 9.


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