The haunting faces of Scott Radke

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Scott Radke is certainly known for his glorious burlap and clay renditions of animals, humans and other hauntingly delicate and earthy things. But the crowning glory of his work – the element that leaps out and keeps you looking(or unable to tear your eyes away) – are the beautiful and poignantly expressive faces on his sculpts.

The faces Scott Radke creates are alternately sorrowful, longing, coy, anxious, or an indeterminate mix of all – or none – of the above. In fact, the faces his burlap minions wear may even change, almost imperceptibly, based on how the light hits, the angle. of viewing…and maybe just how you’re feeling that day.

We can’t wait to show you more from Radke’s stellar show in April(but we will). Check back often to see what this wizard has up his sleeve!


Scott Radke’s INTERFACE opens at Stranger Factory on April 5th, 2013.

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