Take a Look into Carisa Swenson’s Goblinfruit Studio

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Goblinfruit Studio is a place where curious creatures and aberrant animals are born, but it is also the home of Carisa Swenson. It is a pleasure to do a post on Carisa. In the many months she and I have been corresponding on social media outlets, she has been abundantly sweet and completely effervescent on doll making.

Carisa is based out of New York city, but you may have seen her in several shows around the country, numerous publications, at the recent Spectrum Fantastic Art live, or even displayed in the Kidrobot NY store. If it isn’t obvious, Carisa is well schooled in doll making having studied under the tutelage of renowned doll maker Wendy Froud. Her creations tend to weave a wonderful back story that are only seen when gazed upon closely. Look into the despondent eyes of “Marcel” as he holds an image of a past love, or the determination in the facial features of the fox in “Kitsune Magic” The character in these creations are a sight to be seen, and the primed execution Carisa outs forth is exceptional.

For more on Carisa and Goblinfruit, visit the site here, and we are proud to have her in Stranger Factory’s “Subterrane” group sculpture exhibit coming Nov. 9.

To see many more pieces by Goblinfruit Studio, click more!



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