Derek Yaniger’s ‘Hepcat Heathens’ & ‘March of the Tiki Freaks’ for Flipsville,12.7

The tiki dance and jam band slam continues as Derek Yaniger’s One-Way Ticket to Flipsville jives and wails its way to Albuquerque! This week brings us the Hepcat Heathens (20″ x 16″) and March of the Tiki Freaks (18″ x 18″, below), two sizzlin’ acrylic on wood paintings that are sure to set the mood for any soiree!

A One Way Ticket To Flipsville opens Dec. 7th with a reception from 6-9pm. So bring your fancy dance shoes, bone headdresses and bongo drums — we’re heating things up at Stranger Factory this holiday season!


Doktor A’s ‘Ophelia Grimm’ for A Postcard from New Yorkshire, 10.12

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Doktor A has just put the finishing touches on all of the dimensional pieces for his upcoming solo show at myplasticheart this October, A Postcard from New Yorkshire. First to be revealed is this stunning original, Ophelia Grimm:

Chronic nyctophobe, Ophelia is terrified of the dark. Sadly, her grand house was inherited from an eccentric uncle who built it without windows, so she was forced to squander her fortunes on candles…

Miss Ophelia stands 9.5″ tall, or 11.5″ with the vintage brass dome. She and the (seriously impressive) candles are crafted from vinyl, ABS, rubber, lead, glass, styrene, polymer clay, vintage draughtsman’s tools & clock key, and other repurposed treasures.

A Postcard from New Yorkshire opens at MPH during NYCC weekend, Oct. 12, and is on view until Nov. 11th.


Stranger Factory Presents: Phil Noto’s ‘A Certain Splendor’ 7.6

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It’s all in the details: the way he holds his jacket over his shoulder; the purse of her lips when aroused and wanting more. It’s a glint in the eyes or a crossing of arms. Comic book artist and painter Phil Noto is a master of subtlety; of revealing a subject’s true character through minute detail and candid expression.

Opening this Friday at Stranger Factory is Noto’s newest body of work, A Certain Splendor: a collection of paintings highlighting the aesthetic of the 1960s and ’70s. From casual moments, to vintage pinups, to images of things to come, these paintings feature beautiful women, handsome men, hard-boiled characters and the upper-class of a bygone era.

A Certain Splendor opens July 6th with an opening reception with the artist from 6pm to 9pm.


Phil Noto is an American comic book artist and painter whose work has been featured in and on the covers of numerous DC, Marvel and Dark Horse titles including Avengers, Batman, Batgirl, Jonah Hex and X-Men Origins. His fine art has been exhibited throughout the US.


Amanda Spayd’s Original Sketch Pendants Drop Tomorrow!

We have a date! Amanda Louise Spayd is releasing her handmade art pendants TOMORROW (June 12) at 3pm EST via her online shop here! Each silvertone metal pendant is one of a kind and features an original graphite sketch on vintage paper and set in apoxy resin. Prices range from $20 to $48 (chains and ice-breaker guarantee included). Be sure to pop by the shop to see all the designs! Good luck!


A Preview of Travis Louie’s ‘Secret Pet Society’

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Grips & Otis, 2012, acrylic on board, 12 x 9″

Travis Louie’s new solo show, ‘The Secret Pet Society’, opens this Wednesday at William Baczek Fine Arts and we’ve managed to get our hot little hands on a few sneak peeks in anticipation of the event. Tendrils and tentacles, sods and swamp things … they’re all here and compliments of the  fantastically fashionable and hyper-realistic realm that is Travis Louie’s imaginarium. Enjoy!

The Secret Pet Society opens May 2nd through June 2nd. A reception with the artist will be held May 5th from 5pm to 7pm. A print release of ‘Julia and her Swamp Friend’ (below), will coincide with the event.

Julia & Her Swamp Friend, 2012, acrylic on board, 20 x 16″

Julia discovered him while she was collecting red-spotted salamanders in the swamp behind her parent’s farm house. She mistook the crown of branch-shaped tendrils on its head as a thicket of dead birch trees. The creature turned out to be quite harmless.  She named him Phil and took him home as a pet. Feeding Phil became a problem as he continued to grow. When she first brought him home, he was quite large at 8 feet in length. As the years passed, he grew to an unmanageable size of 35 feet and consumed about 100 lbs of trout and salmon each day. Just to take care of him, she started her own fish hatchery. He eventually outlived Julia and she included him in her last will and testament. Her grandchildren inherited both the fish hatchery and Phil.

Billy & the Mystery Sod, 2012, acrylic on board, 7 x 5″

It Grew From the Brambles, 2012, acrylic on board, 14 x 11″ 

Miss Lucy & Her “Hat Monkey”, 2012, acrylic on board, 14 x 11″

The Reluctant Bee Keeper, 2012, acrylic on board, 10 x 8″

Stranger Factory Presents: Joe Capobianco’s ‘Blood Puddin’ & Marie Sena’s ‘Dark Ages’ March 2

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Stranger Factory is turning up the heat this March with a double bill from tattoo artists Joe Capobianco and Marie Sena!

Dripping sex and violence to the tune of modern horror, world-renowned tattoo artist Joe Capobianco presents a wicked re-imagining of the classic 50s pin-up with Blood Puddin’. Coined the ‘Capo Girl,’ these dark and dangerous dames flaunt their assets, wearing little more than devil horns, razor-sharp nails and a bloody-fanged grin. Sexualized and fantastical, Blood Puddin’ brings a whole new attitude to cheesecake.

Running concurrently is Dark Ages, from local artist Marie Sena. A tattooist and illustrator from Santa Fe, her work is a collision of ‘golden age’ tattoos from the early twentieth century and contemporary illustration. Coupled with a degree in medical illustration, Marie has carved a distinct style of image making. Largely premised in dark, ominous and dangerous settings, Marie’s work explores the pin-up, flora and fauna, Hispanic culture and religious motifs.

Blood Puddin’ and Dark Ages open March 2nd with a reception from 6pm to 9pm. Both artists will be in attendance!

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