Derek Yaniger’s ‘Hepcat Heathens’ & ‘March of the Tiki Freaks’ for Flipsville,12.7

The tiki dance and jam band slam continues as Derek Yaniger’s One-Way Ticket to Flipsville jives and wails its way to Albuquerque! This week brings us the Hepcat Heathens (20″ x 16″) and March of the Tiki Freaks (18″ x 18″, below), two sizzlin’ acrylic on wood paintings that are sure to set the mood for any soiree!

A One Way Ticket To Flipsville opens Dec. 7th with a reception from 6-9pm. So bring your fancy dance shoes, bone headdresses and bongo drums — we’re heating things up at Stranger Factory this holiday season!


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