New Sneaks from Kathie Olivas for M&MII

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So Circus Posterus is on Instagram now, in case you missed the memo, and what better way to incite irrational excitement amongst the fans than debut with some insanely beautiful teasers of pieces for Monsters & Misfits II? I swear Kathie does this to us on purpose. Anyway, let’s have a look. Above: an aproned Elizabeth whose gloves admittedly have me curious, along with the fact that she seems abnormally tall (maybe this teaser will jog your memory?). Really loving the aged treatment on this one, as well. In behind we have an encrusted masked Lizzie — scroll down a bit …

Ah, there we are. Anyone else still aching for the production release of the Masked Elizabeth? I know, such a beaut. This particular disguised crusader is a Lizzie and she’s rockin’ some serious rocks. (And bling!) The encrusted look is really starting to grow on me; I’m a fan of the white gems, which we’ll see more of in a bit. Oh, and the bunny plush is just for show — a gift from a fellow CP boardie. Pretty, ain’t it? Seems Lizzie has found a sidekick!

Ok, everyone back off: I call dibs on this one. This is a custom Bear Hood Lizzie, complete with lolli and all kinds of wicked, hand-sculpted elements. Love the hands, the zipper mouth, the hat … and that empty gaze. Ho boy. Just lovely.

Here be the aforementioned white gem bedazzled lady. This one is still a work in progress so no full reveals yet, but she’s interesting: kind of a marionette vibe going on here with two slits running down the sides of her mouth. And a wicked wooden cart. Word has it she’ll also be decked out with her own Brandt Peters skeleton pit crew (they’re on lunch break).

And last, but certainly not least … ladies and gentlemen: new Kumas are coming!!

More info to come! Monsters & Misfits II opens April 13th at the Kusakabe Folk Museum in Takayama, Japan.

Monsters & Misfits II – A First Look

This April marks the one-year anniversary of Monsters & Misfits, a three-person exhibition by Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters and Chris Ryniak that took place at the Kusakabe Folk Museum in Takayama, Japan. It was an exhibition that birthed some of the most challenging, influential, and beautiful works in the careers of these artists; an exhibition that they were unable to attend; an exhibition that helped raise $16,000 for disaster relief. Monsters & Misfits boosted the morale of the townspeople, helped rebuild a devastated city and reminded everyone of the healing power of art. It was prolific in all aspects.

And this year, we go bigger.

Circus Posterus returns to Japan this April for Monsters & Misfits II, a group show featuring new works from the original three artists, as well as Amanda Louise Spayd and Doktor A. Hosted for a second year by Tomenosuke-Syoten at the Kusakabe Folk Museum, the opening takes place on the eve of the Takayama Spring Festival, April 13th.

We kick things off with a progress shot from Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters. Delight yourselves in discussion! There’s plenty more to come.

A First Look at Brandt Peters’ Trouble Boy No. 7 ‘The Drifter’

FERG & Brandt PetersTRIGGER exhibition unveiled a plethora of new toy goodness for us to anticipate in the coming months. To kick things off, we’ll start with Brandt’s newest Trouble Boy: No. 7 ‘The Drifter’.

Brandishing two boom sticks and a tanto knife, the black-clad, eye-patched Drifter is inspired by Japan’s Yakuza with the body tatt to prove it (bring on the striptease!). With that said … it probably comes of little surprise that this badass will be unleashed through Tomenosuke-Syoten sometime this year.

Pricing and edition size will be released closer to date of exit. Stay sharp!

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Humphrey Mooncalf: ‘Leprechaun’ Edition Drops 1.8

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Humphrey Mooncalf has been struck with the luck of the Irish! ‘Leprechaun’ is the fifth colourway of Dok A’s Mooncalf figure and will be available exclusively through Tomenosuke’s online shop Jan. 8th. Produced by Pobber Toys, he’s an edition of only 70 pieces worldwide. May the Irish luck rub off on you in fetching this release!

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Humphrey Mooncalf Teaser + Info from Doktor A

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And what have we here? Dok A posted up this delightfully cryptic teaser on the Sideshow recently, leaving Humphrey Mooncalf fans collectively stroking their chins …

Looks like we have another colourway in our midst and he’s looking rather green; Irish edition? Who says a refined gentleman such as him cannot enjoy a pint or three?

In other Mooncalf news: The Doktor is releasing the A/P editions of Dapper and Verdegris on MON, DEC. 26 at 6PM LONDON TIME via the Spookypop shoppe. The Nocturnal and Entertainer editions will drop at a later date, topping it off with the new verdant fella after its retail release.

Plenty to look forward to in the coming days!