Chris Ryniak Joins Amanda Spayd in the Silkscreen Party

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A couple of days ago, Amanda Spayd shared with teh interwebs a teeny-tiny image of one of her critters holding what appears to be a lollipop. Remember that? Right. Good. Now what I love about the Ohio chapter of CP (or at least these two, *points at Chris* … *points at Mandi*), is that they’re sort of in cahoots, you see. They are co-conspirators of each other’s world domination plans (“critters UNITE!”), and they will undoubtedly succeed with the iron-fist charm of their big-eyed, roly-poly, snaggle-toothed dudes.

So what all this means is, if you see one, the other is often not far behind: one day after Amanda’s silkscreen tease, Mr. Ryniak revealed that he, too, is involved … *twirls mustache*.

Naturally, I can’t say much. But the chart does reveal something. Something quite interesting. And we’re going to do this advent calendar style, sans the cheap, waxy chocolate. ‘Til tomorrow, then!

Mandi’s Mysterious Silkscreen Project …

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This is seriously intriguing. Amanda Spayd dropped this juicy tidbit via various social media outlets earlier today: a silkscreen design that will be used … on something, sometime.

Cruel, Mandi. Real cruel. But you’re forgiven as we’re all freakin’ stoked you’re slingin’ the 2D works.

Anyone wish to hazard any guesses? Looks to be a lolly peeking out the corner, there. Hmmm … candy. Hmmm.