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Destination Designer Con: Muse No. 1

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MuseGreat news just came in the form of large cardboard boxes! In perfect timing, Brandt Peters will have copies of his highly successful kickstarter Muse No. 1 at Designer Con!!!

Muse No. 1 as Brandt writes is –

“MUSE 1 marks the very first artist sketchbook release under the Circus Posterus Studios sketchbook series. This first sketchbook focuses entirely on my process, my vision, as well as ideas way before they make their way into production – that raw, black and white electric moment prior to production.

I have been meaning to personally produce a sketchbook of my work for quite some time; after much planning, I will be designing the entire book project from start to finish – focusing 100% on my vision and design sense. Much of the concept design in MUSE 1 connects back to actual artwork, toys, prints, and even originals.”

For those that didn’t get in on the kickstarter, a small handful will be on hand at Designer Con for people to pick up and get signed by Brandt himself.  We haven’t even seen a copy yet, so we are beyond stoked to see what unfolds in these pages!


Muse 1 goes to print!

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Muse goes to printGreat news, everyone –  Brandt Peters‘s amazing Muse. No. 1 Kickstarter project has been signed off to print! The final samples came in this week, and after Brandt gave them a thorough examination, he has given them the big OK! The print shop will be hard at work turning out this limited edition and Kickstarter supporters should see their copy very soon! Have no fear if you didn’t get in on the funding, because Stranger Factory will have some extra copies!

Are you as excited as we are to see inside?????


Update: Muse No. 1!

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Oh, this is great news! Over the weekend. Brandt Peters gave us an update on his highly anticipated and fully funded Muse. No. 1 Kickstarter project. MUSE 1 marks the very first artist sketchbook release under the Circus Posterus Studios sketchbook series, and the proofs have arrived in Albuquerque.

From the looks of it, there are only a couple minor tweaks before the project heads to its printing printer.  The book is actually much thicker than originally planned and a professional book binder had to be brought in. Brandt wasn’t going to sacrifice any of his vision – so a slight delay did happen, but we can live with that seeing how epic this release is going to be. Check out the gallery below!


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Thank you all for supporting Brandt Peters’ Sketchbook: Muse No. 1 Kickstarter


Hello everyone!

For my first Kickstarter, this project has really been an amazing experience. I had no idea it would take the course it did and would be so successful. I seriously can not thank everyone enough.!I am forever humbled by this process and your generosity. You not only have helped me produce an even better MUSE sketchbook than I could imagine at first, but you have helped pave the road for the whole series. There is so much excitement swirling around this project from fans and collectors to future MUSE artists.

The MUSE journey continues…

I am now focused on the layout and design and should be sending the sketchbook files to the printer in the coming weeks. Incentive production has begun… In fact, for those that have pledged to receive custom Skelve resin figures in a color of their choice – I will be contacting you shortly for your color selection.

I will be posting more regularly on updates (now that the pledge process has concluded) as I am finishing and wrapping up the design. I will be posting images of the MUSE 1 sketchbook as it wraps. I will also be snapping photos of finished incentive production for you!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

More news soon!

All the best,

Brandt / Circus Posterus Studios / Stranger Factory Gallery