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April at Stranger Factory: ALL OF EVERYTHING ERASED / Joe Scarano and THE HOUSE AND THE DEVIL / JohnPaul Gutierrez

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April 5th – April 28th, 2019
Opening Reception: Friday, April 5th from 6-8 PM

Take a break at Stranger Factory and explore All of Everything Erased, a show inspirited through the idea of pausing. Pausing long enough for the grass and the weeds to swallow you up for a while.

Fascinated by the idea of abandoned buildings giving in to nature, Joe Scarano’s characters are brought to life as they fall into varying states of disrepair. As they let the grass grow over them and get swallowed back up by the landscape, the viewer has the pleasure of witnessing and imagining that the will eventually wake up again after the earth has grown around and start over.

Scarano was guided to create this show after recalling memories in an old neighborhood in which his children would seek to explore an abandoned house with him. The title of the show, All of Everything Erased comes from a Kevin Devine song of the same name. Influenced by the paintings, Scarano could not get the song out of his mind and Kevin was kind enough to let him borrow the song title for the show.

Stranger Factory is happy to present JohnPaul Gutierrez in his show, The House and The Devil.

The House and the Devil portrays the many negative voices that we create within ourselves. The Devil is represented not in a religious or spiritual context but simply as the adversary telling lies and creating fear. These voices that we house inside, waking us up in the middle of the night or creating a paralyzing fear, prevent us from achieving our truest self. The House, being a little worn down and weathered seeks to maintain the onslaught, and pushes on in hopes of achieving their dreams.

Gutierrez is an Albuquerque local and returning artist to Stranger Factory.


Stranger Factory’s Seventh Annual Winter Salon

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Stranger Factory’s Seventh Annual
Winter Salon


Stranger factory is so pleased to announce our seventh annual group winter exhibition!

Our small works annual group show is an end of year celebration and one of our most exciting exhibitions, featuring new artwork from many local and international artists. This year’s talented line up promises to provide a variety of enticing alternatives for the upcoming gift-giving season including original sketches, paintings, sculptures, plush, and jewelry!
Participating artists, this year, include Daniel Aaron, Creeptoons, Jeremy Cross, Karl Deuble, Fika Art, fufufanny, Johnpaul Gutierrez, Jay Hallopeter, Cassia Harries, Jellykoe, Ken Keirns, Patt Kelley, Shing Yin Khor, Tim Lee, MUMBOT, Jen Musatto, Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters, Ratokim, Vanessa Ramirez, Ellie Rusinova, David Santiago, Joe Scarano, Brandan Styles, Sweet Bestiary, Anna Tillett, The Rots, Mizna Wada, and Stephan Webb.

Winter Salon VII will run from
December 1st – 31st, 2017

Opening Reception: December 1st from 6-9 PM
Stranger Factory
3411 Central Avenue NE
Albuquerque, NM 87106

Stranger Factory Gallery presents OLD GROWTH Two man exhibition featuring new works by Tim Lee and Joe Scarano FEBRUARY 2017

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Stranger Factory Gallery

Two man exhibition featuring new works by Tim Lee and Joe Scarano


Coming to Stranger Factory in February 2017 is a new exhibit called “Old Growth“, featuring new works by visionary narrative artists Tim Lee and Joe Scarano.

Tim Lee’s work combines music, Americana, pop-culture, and bits of Southern Gothic, entwined together in nostalgic worlds and imagined time. With elements of cubism mixed with an Eastern European folktale feel, Lee’s multi- media work evoke a distictivly bold graphic style and flavor. He will be presenting new drawings, paintings, and 3-d sculptures.

Joe Scarano’s characters and environments recall the odd early days of animation and the dingy despair of the 1930s. With their popsicle-stick bucktoothed grins, hollow heads, and dead eyes, his characters often straddle the lines between funny, tragic, grotesque, and comically depressing. Scarano will be featuring new 3-d wood cutout paintings that create a new inner-dimensional vision of his 2-d characters.

OLD GROWTH will run from February 3rd – 26th 2017

Opening Reception: Friday, February 3 from 6-9pm
(The opening is free and open to the public.)

Both artists will be in attendance for reception.

The Gallery and its gift store are open 6 days a week (closed Tuesdays). Please check for updated hours
during Albuquerque Rapid Transit Construction.

Stranger Factory
3411 Central Avenue NE
Albuquerque, NM 87106


Scribe, Scarano, and Deuble Wood Prints Release May 18

Releasing on May 18th in the Circus Posterus Online Store, three different ultra limited edition wood prints by Joe Scarano, Scribe, and Karl Deuble!

Each 16″ x 12″ print is an extremely low edition of only 12 hand printed water based ink on birch panel while perfectly capturing the each artists characters.

Get set for Monday because these will not last fast for $75 each!

kdeuble_cposterus scribe_cposterus jscarano_cposterus



“Unwound”-Featuring All New Works from Joe Scarano, Scribe, and Karl Deuble

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Featuring All New Works from Joe Scarano, Scribe, and Karl Deuble

We are excited to announce Unwound, a group show featuring new work from Joe Scarano, Scribe, and Karl Deuble this May at Stranger Factory!

Joe Scarano is NY-based artist known for his goofy, tragic characters that honor the good old days of animation, complete with the friendly, but dingy despair of the 1930s. For our upcoming exhibition, Scarano is bringing plenty of characters to life through 3-D sculpts and a number of paintings, drawings, and mixed media pieces, featuring an edition of Ol’ Stitch Wilson figures, one-off variants of his famous goblin, as well as many new creatures, which we’re excited to see!
D. Ross Scribe is known for his murals throughout North America, most notably in Kansas City, MO, but his work can also be seen across the US, in Canada, and as far south as Mexico. For Unwound, Scribe has found himself exploring a narrative of confronting fears, letting down one’s guard, and what it means to really unwind and enjoy the journey through life. With an unconventional twist on the theme of pursuing one’s dreams in the unknown territory known as the wild, wild west, Scribe is producing a variety of mixed media pieces, acrylic paintings, and custom figures. He will also be in attendance throughout the weekend working on Stranger Factory’s first mural at it’s new location on historic Route 66!

When not at Stranger Factory, Karl Deuble can be found rocking out with his band, working his screen-printing magic, or making art. Through his own signature combination of screen printing, acrylic, and spray painting techniques, as well as good ol’ ink and graphite, Deuble creates what he describes as dim-witted characters that explore the inner workings of random thoughts and the everyday mundane that we humans encounter. For Unwound, Karl’s inspiration comes from the feeling of being unraveled and longing for the past. He wanted to experiment with texture and color as a way to connect each character as a whole, while still allowing each piece to stand alone.

The opening reception is Friday, May 1st from 6 – 9 pm at Stranger Factory. Each artist will be in attendance.

Stranger Factory
3411 Central Avenue NE
Albuquerque, NM 87106

The making of Joe Scarano’s Candy Corn Goblins

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Joe Scarano gave us a very special treat for Bewitching IV, he let us into his studio with a visual tour through every step of his brilliant Candy Corn Goblin creation. We got to see the development from sketch to finished product over many weeks, and we are excited to share with you!

Follow this amazing visual journey of Joe’s from the original sketch design to sculpt, mold making, and final painting of his Candy Corn Goblins.

You can see them in all their glory when Bewitching IV opens at Stranger Factory on Friday, Oct 10 at 6PM.

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21 22 23 24See AMAZING!


Joe Scarano’s Grimley is ready for Stranger Factory

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Keeping my promise from yesterday, I’ll show you a few of Joe Scarano’s “Grimley” plaques that are making their way to Deadeyes at Stranger Factory.

Joe has about 10 plaques ready to go in various colors and schemes, and we know these won’t last long! This character is simply astounding(and adorable!).

If you didn’t know –
Grimley lives in the trees, he lives in the walls, the ground, the clouds… he appears like smoke to lead you astray. You had planned on walking through the woods to get to Granny’s house, but he has other plans for you. You will happily follow him anywhere he leads you.

Now, for a little preview:
Grimley_2a Grimley_4 Grimley_5a Grimley_9Deadeyes runs March 7th – 30th, with an opening reception on Friday, March 7th from 6 – 9 PM.

Two toons from Joe Scarano

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Well, color me blood red and call me dumbfounded because Joe Scarano just floored me for  Deadeyes!

We will reveal more of the Grimleys that Shing wrote about tomorrow, but today we have two finished pieces from the amazing show!

Up first “Circling the Drain”. A grayscale creepy masterpiece which looks like how probably most feel post Mardi Gras last night!
Circling_The_Drain_150Now for a mega splash of color, “I’ll show you all my tricks”. These happy cartoon characters are living the life!
Ill_Show_You_All_My_Tricks_cropped_150See them in person at Deadeyes running March 7th – 30th, with an opening reception on Friday, March 7th from 6 – 9 PM.