Tim Lee, Joe Scarano and Robert Hoggard: Stranger Factory in March!

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Coming to Stranger Factory in March 2014 is a new exhibit called “Deadeyes”, featuring new works by unique and talented artists Tim Lee, Joe Scarano, and Robert Hoggard.


Tim Lee’s work combines music, Americana, pop-culture and bits of Southern Gothic, stirred together in nostalgic worlds and imagined time. With elements of cubism mixed with an Eastern European folktale feel, Tim’s paintings and drawings evoke a unique style and flavor.


Joe Scarano’s characters and environments recall the odd early days of animation and the dingy despair of the 1930s. With their popsicle stick bucktoothed grins, hollow heads, and dead eyes, his characters often straddle the lines between funny, tragic, grotesque, and sad.


Robert Hoggard’s mixed media sculptures combine original sculpts and found objects to create a sort of “future vintage”; unique robots that look like the future we imagined in the 1960s. Often ensconced in vintage suitcases and trucks, Hoggard’s well-worn travelers look like they’re wearily heading off on another fruitless adventure, or possibly just returning from one.

This exhibit runs March 7th – 30th, with an opening reception on Friday, March 7th from 6 – 9 PM.

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