Wandering Misfits Embody Halloween

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Misfit1There are only 48 days until Halloween, and we are making sure we prepare all of you fans out there.
On that note, what embodies Halloween more than the Wandering Misfits series by Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas from Cardboard Spaceship?
Available now in the Circus Posterus store, these pack of misfits are all dressed up and ready for our favorite holiday.
Available are blind boxes here.
Blank case as seen below where you can paint your favorite misfit as you see fit.
r you can even pick up chase Misfits by themselves here just as long as you have them ready for trick or treating!
Misfit2 Misfit3


Read up for Halloween

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Halloween isn’t too far away, and it is never too early to start planning for our favorite holiday!

To get you started early and those spooky creative juices flowing, we have a couple new books in the Circus Posterus store perfect for this creepy fun holiday.

Halloween1Halloween Favorites in Plastic showcases all those cute and haunting knick knacks we adore. Halloween toys and art from years past are collected in one book. This is sure to get you excited for October 31st, and maybe even start you hunting these items to showcase for your own house.

Halloween2Lucy Cavendish teaches you the history, legends, lore and magick of the Shapeshifters with her Oracle of the Shapeshifters. Who doesn’t always think about shapeshifters around Halloween?

Both these great books are in the Circus Posterus Store right now., but hurry because Halloween is right around the corner.


Get Ready for Halloween

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Peters-pumpkinHalloween is just about six weeks away, and we want to give you plenty of time to be prepared. In the next few weeks, we will bring you goods from the Circus Posterus store that will make you well equipped for ghouls, ghosts, and misfits before the big day.

Up first, get ready to have your walls covered in Halloween flavored goodness with Brandt Peters’ Jack O’ Greeter print. Based off the original painting, this 13×19″ print comes signed and numbered out of a low edition of 30. It will look great next to a carved pumpkin or any Skelve collection.

To get this awesome print before in time for Halloween season, go right here.


The Devilish Monsters & Minions of My Ghoul Friday

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Happy Hallow’s Eve, everyone! In continuing with the coverage of artists who are currently rocking my socks, it is of utmost pleasure to present a special Halloween edition and introduce you all to the quirks and creativity of one of my favourite ladies, Ghoul Friday. I discovered her work on a whim at Toronto’s FanExpo in August and have been hooked ever since. She’s from the city, makes awesome paper clay monsters and has also published her own book: Brains vs. Coffee, which quite hilariously explores the pros and cons of the consuming, enjoying, storing, preparing and disposing of each.

Friday is an ardent follower of Halloweenia, clearly. Most of us are in these parts, but she takes it to a whole ‘nother level, crafting most of the decorations herself and changing it up every year. I mean, seriously, people:

Now that’s a Halloween party we’d all want to go to, amirite? A self-taught sculptor who got her start making large-scale props for Halloween parties for nearly a decade, she took the plunge and started making her own little monsters and minions in 2009, and attended her first convention as a vendor that summer. She’s been at it ever since.

Friday’s creations are a combo of paper clay, paper mache, fabric and polymer clay, and while she’d like to say it’s because she’s a sort of eco-warrior, “a lot of it has to do with habits from being part of the Haunter community, where you build items from scavenged goods,” she explains.

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Pumpktris = Step Up Your GAME Pumpkin Carvers

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Currently, we are having a fun pumpkin carving contest over on the Circus Posterus Forum here, and seeing what others do, it is time to step up your GAME with Pumpktris! You just read correctly, Pumpktris! It is a playable Tetris Pumpkin.What a creative thing to do by the minds at HahaBirdMay young trick or treaters might not have a clue on Tetris but their parents will love it.

FERG’s Playge Doctor S003 [TREATS] Dropping Halloween Day, 10.31

Hell YES. It’s been far too long since FERG’s Playge Doctor has skulked the streets, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been busy. Back and looking better than ever with a zip-up wizard cloak with pointed hood a la his Doc Skelve, s003 [TREATS] has no qualms with coming at you in broad daylight. Releasing Halloween day (10.31) at noon Central, he’s ready for bloodshed after nearly two and a half years in captivity.

Brandishing a clear katana and jeweled sword cane for optimal slice-n-dice, Doc will happily amputate his more flighty and combative patients. Be wary of the cloth bag of candies; not everything is what it seems …

Playge Doctor s003 [TREATS] is a heart-racing edition of only 200 pieces, so bring your F5 A-game this Wednesday. He’ll retail for $95 via the Squadt store, worldwide shipping included.

The Creepy and Odd Halloween Costumes of Yesteryear

When I think of old Halloween costumes, what comes to mind are those of cartoons, film, and super heroes that came in a box. They were disgusting feeling plastic that you slipped over normal clothes, and they had a toxic aroma to them as you were sweating under that loose fitting mask. Yeah the storm trooper one I rocked when I was five years old was awesome! But it seems like our forefathers had a vastly different idea of Halloween costumes.

Halloween many decades back prompted some very inventive, creepy, odd, and ridiculous costumes. They typically didn’t have the resources to run up the street and buy something pre-made, but they went out of their way to build and create very interesting pieces to wear or scare around town. I seriously have no idea what is going on with people wearing a telephone on their head or face, but it works. If this was popular today there would be a “slutty telephone head” costume at every mall in the country. Regardless, of the oddness of some of these costumes, It is easy to appreciate how many of these people go all out just as many do today. So peak into this blog post of Halloween costumes from decades ago, and be inspired to make something similar.

Plenty more old costumes after the jumpRead More »The Creepy and Odd Halloween Costumes of Yesteryear

Halloween Candy Displays from 1969

Throwback time! Jason Liebig, took the effort to scan some old school Halloween candy displays from 1969 for Collectingcandy.comand we can’t thank him enough. Seeing these old displays is really cool. It seems stores back in 1969 were making piles of candy as a display just like they do today, but the price sure is different. Maybe soon we can see creepy costumes!

A few more images if you click READ MORE!

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Update on the Instinctoy’s Jack-O’-Lantern

Back in September, we had this post talking about a new Halloween themed piece from Instinctoy, and now it is time for a sick update. Releasing this Oct. 27, at 11am (Japan time) for 10,500 yen including tax ($132) is the amazing , Jack-O’-Lantern by Instinctoy limited to an edition of 100 bodies. This guy went a complete rebuild it seems, and it is even better. LED glowing pumpkin head and then a glow after the LED is off, and a bag perfect Halloween bag it comes in. There will be more colorways shortly, but this is a must buy in my book!

Keep checking their shop Saturday.

Click MORE for a several more pics to make you drool.

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