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Doktor A’s “Phizogs”

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Ooooh! Doktor A just showed off some pictures of his new product, a series of cold cast metal Mechtorian wall plaques! These shiny gentlemen heads are known as “Phizogs” and will be debuting at Toycon UK in a couple of weeks, for those lucky enough to make it!


These beauties are an open edition, which is good news for those of us clamoring to own a piece of the good Doktor’s work. They are all hand finished and signed by Doktor A and will be coming in three finishes : Brass, Pewter and Verdigris. They will come in a “Mini” version, which are 3″ across, as well as a larger “Midi” version, which are approximately 5″. The colour schemes seems to align nicely with his Humphrey Mooncalf, and we have the “Dapper” colourway in stock now.


It’s going to be a big year for Doktor A and Circus Posterus – we’ll be seeing him in May at Stranger Factory in a two person show with Chet Zar called ODDFELLOWS. He’ll also be returning to participate in Monsters and Misfits III in Japan this September! We’ll have more news on both shows coming soon!

“Congratulations, You Have Gained Immortality,” … A Commission by Doktor A

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Have you ever wanted to achieve immortality? To develop an immunity to death, walk through the centuries and experience the world? Well, Doktor A has just the thing to fix you up. Following two years of experimentation, he recently completed his newest invention for one of his largest collectors: the Asphyx Enticement and Containment Engine.

The device traps the spirit of the dead (or Asphyx) and the wearer reaps the rewards. It’s inspired by character Hugo Cunningham’s iteration from 70s horror flick, The Asphyx. According to the Dok, the Asphyx appears in Greek mythology as a sort of Angel of Death. It appears at the moment of demise to seek release from its eternal pain by possessing the dying soul of its victim.

… Well, aren’t we all sorts of morbid this afternoon! For those daring enough to take it for a spin, follow these simple instructions:

The Asphyx Containment Engine is crafted from a life-size resin human skull, vintage brass lamp parts, vintage leather straps, a dynamo lighting system, found objects and a ton of materials ranging from metals, to resins to rubber. The device sits 14″ tall. To the lucky recipient: let us know if it works.

More photos after the jump!

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Destination Designer Con: Doktor A

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Get your steam powered rifles ready or a slingshot because at this year’s Designer Con, Doktor A will be releasing the last few pieces of his fine art prints from Killer Targets. There were only 50 of these made, and Dok is gracious to bring the last 9 to the con. That is correct, only 9 will be there.
Each print is 11″ x 17″, signed and numbered for $30 each. These will make you go “pew pew pew” all the way home. Dok A will be at the awesome Circus Posterus booth #500.
Designer Con
Nov. 3
Pasadena Convention Center
300 East Green Street
Pasadena, CA 91101

Destination Designer Con: Doktor A part I

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Doktor A just announced late last week that he will be coming over to this side of the pond once again for Designer Con. We are beyond stoked to see the good Doktor again gracing us with his presence. He just let us know that he will be releasing the first 100 of the new badge, Edward Geers “Shiny Penny” edition. This highly polished copper and red enamel badge will run you $10 each and there are only 150 total.

Designer Con
Pasadena Convention Center
300 East Green Street
Pasadena, CA 91101

Guillermo del Toro visits Doktor A’s solo show at MPH

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We will have more coverage of Dok A’s solo show A Postcard from New Yorkshire at myplasticheart once the good doktor gets home, but for now we have a special treat. You never know who are fans of a person’s work or friends they may have, but at Dok’s opening, Guillermo del Toro stopped by to check it out. Dok and Guillermo have known each other for a bit, but it is always awesome to see the support. You might know Guillermo from his films like Hellboy, Pan’s Labyrinth, and the upcoming Pacific rim, or you may know him from being one of the most awesome and hilarious guys to ever set foot on a SDCC panel! Good to see the meeting of two great minds!

Harry K Nidd by Doktor A

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We have been filling you in on updates for the great great great show coming to New York, and now we have more goodness. Harry K Nidd by Dok A is ready for his solo show A Postcard from New Yorkshire at myplasticheart.

Media commentator, columnist and social manipulator. Harry sits at the centre of a far reaching societal web.
A social networker of the highest order. He manipulates the unwary and influences the masses.
Planting seeds of ideas with one whisper whilst taking credit for others overheard plans.
His ultimate motives are unclear. It just all seems to be a game from which he derives his own dark pleasure.

Look at those legs!

The show opens on Oct. 12th from 7 – 10pm.
210 Forsyth Street
New York NY 10002

Where to Find Circus Posterus Artists at NYCC

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Heading out to NYCC this week?  Need to know what some of your favorite Circus Posterus artists will have there? Time for an easy rundown.

@ myplasticheart – Booth 3313

Doktor A‘s Chester Runcorn “Gin & Tonic Edition” (Pre-release) for $64.99
Ferg x Chris Ryniak Misfortune Cat 4″ “Ivory Edition” only 100 pieces

Friday Oct. 12
4 – 5pm – Chris Ryniak

Saturday Oct. 13
4 – 5pm – Doktor A

Dok A’s solo show – A Postcard from New Yorkshire

Oct. 12th from 7 – 10pm.
210 Forsyth Street
New York NY 10002

For a great post on all other shenanigans at NYCC, please visit the great list done by MPH here.


Important Dates to Remember!

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This fall has been one of the most jam packed and event filled seasons I have ever seen. To keep us all from doing our heads in, here is a quick rundown of the Circus Posterus related shenanigans.

Oct. 5-7: Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters at Baby Tattooville in Riverside, California.

Oct 5: Doktor AFERGChris Ryniak, DrilOne,  Amanda Louise Spayd and many more amazing artists at  Stranger Factory’s Bewitching II.

Oct. 11-14: Dok A and Chris Ryniak at New York Comic Con

Oct 12: Dok A solo show “A Postcards from New Yorkshire” at myplasticheart.

Oct. 20: Kathie Olivas solo show “Haunted”  at AFA Gallery.

Nov. 3: Kathie Olivas, Brandt PetersChris Ryniak, DrilOne,  Amanda Louise Spayd, and more at Designer Con in Pasadena, CA.

Dec. 7: Circus Annual (Circus Posterus Group Exhibit) at Stranger Factory