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Dok A Shows Us Something EPIC!

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Doktor A wasn’t kidding when he said he had an epic piece coming. Holy gears and cogs Batman, this is amazing! The amount of work going into this and the delicate precision is mind blowing.

Another piece for for the “A Postcard from New Yorkshire” show at myplasticheart in New York, opening Oct. 12th.

This time experience the Museum of Oddities and the robot known as Vladimir Cobweb “The Curator” 

Collector of strange and wonderful things, Vladimir is unfortunately not the most organised of souls.
His Museum of Oddities is a place of wonderment and reflection for the citizens of Retropolis.
The small detail that some of the item’s annotations are a little wide of the mark factually doesn’t seem to have bothered anyone.
To do this piece the proper justice, go to Dok’s blog here to see way more precise images and details especially of all the items in the museum.

The show opens on Oct. 12th from 7 – 10pm.
210 Forsyth Street
New York NY 10002

Dok A’s Ronald “Buzby” Flashman for “A Postcard from New Yorkshire”

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Doktor A has amazed us once again. He graciously sent us another sneak peek into a piece for his solo show A Postcard from New Yorkshire at myplasticheart. Last time we saw Ernest Longfellow, and now we are proud to reveal Ronald “Buzby” Flashman.  

Speed fiend Ronald has upgraded and restyled his limbs for the ultimate racing performance.
He is possibly the fastest Mechtorian on three wheels, competing in epic marathons of speed and endurance, he is unrivalled.
But he has great difficulty in picking things up
Ronald consists of:

Customised Sketchbot toy by Steve Talkowski
Vinyl, Epoxy resin, ABS, Lead, Glass, Brass, Steel, Vintage box base.
7″ tall. (9″ tall on base.)
Dok’s amazing robots are constantly pushing the boundaries of amazing and never stops with the jaw dropping astonishment. The anticipation keeps growing with every sneak peek into what will be showcased.

The show opens on Oct. 12th from 7 – 10pm.
210 Forsyth Street
New York NY 10002


NYCC 2012 Pre Release of Chester Runcorn: Gin & Tonic Edition

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The news will be coming in bit by bit as NYCC 2012 approaches, and My Plastic Heart has just announced that they will be have a pre release of the Gin & Tonic edition of Dok A’s Chester Runcorn. The new colorway that goes along with the previous Port, Stout and Absinthe editions will be $64.99 at the myplasticheart booth #3313 during all of NYCC 2012. The man himself, Dok A will be graciously signing Chester Runcorn at the booth on Saturday, October 13 at 4:00pm. NYCC runs October 11-14.

Ernest Longfellow by Doktor A

Doktor A’s solo show “A Postcard from New Yorkshire” at My Plastic Heart will be here before we know it, and the Dok was gracious enough to show us one of only two custom toys in the show, Ernest Longfellow (Customized Badbot by Three A). 

Ernest desires precision in all things. He is always dressed immaculately in the finest tailored clothes.His knowledge is wide, his taste impeccable. His speech is precise and his timing punctual. All in all is he quite unbearable.

This without a doubt shows that Dok is exceeding his own work with every single piece he puts out.  Pretty soon he will have pure artificial intelligence in these robots. Oh and did I mention Mr. Longfellow here has a working miniature pocket watch?

The show opens on Friday, October 12 from 7 – 10pm.
210 Forsyth Street
New York NY 10002




Doktor A Dunny APs!!!!

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You know how we told you about Dok A’s “Venom” Rupture Dunny APs here, well now we got the scoop on the rest of his APs. The good Doktor has been filling his vials, weathering, and making these more rusty to change it up a bit and now the scoop.

Rupture has hand painted “venom” like we said before

Ironclad versions have Teal wash on the body and Brown on the head.

Chase each hold an antique glass vial with glow-in-the-dark particles inside and a cork bung.

All signed and numbered under the foot.

Prices :
Ironclad £150
Rupture £150
Chase £200

Available in his online store on Wednesday 12th September at 6pm UK

Have Your Gears Oiled for the Release of the Dok A Mecha “Venom” Rupture Dunny APs

Dok A is going full steam ahead with the release next week of his AP versions of the Mecha Rupture Dunny. Less than 15 will be available and each Dunny is hand finished with purple Rupture “Venom”. With each having random patterning so no two are alike, and they all come signed and numbered under the foot. The good Doktor is busy in his lab as you read this making the AP versions of the regular edition Ironclad Decimator, so news on that to come soon. Be on the lookout for these to drop next week, and there is also a good chance Dok will make some resin staffs for these badboys later when he gets time.

Doktor A’s Ironclad Decimator Dunny and Print Signing, 9.6

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Doktor A is heading down to the Kidrobot London store to sign his Ironclad Decimator Dunny this Thursday, Sept. 6th from 6-8pm. And the good Doktor knows how to treat his fans properly, because he is also bringing along an exclusive Ironclad Decimator print limited to just 20 pieces, 420 x 297mm in size, and a great price of £25. He will also give the first two people in line a print for absolutely free. Come down and say hello to Dok A and by all means, talk some sci-fi with him, too.

Doktor A’s 8″ Ironclad Decimator Dunny from Kidrobot, 9.6

Professor Teslastein jaggedly cuts, bending back the metal flesh.  Feverishly he works to create new vehicles of destruction for his nefarious exploits. Two models take shape from the scraps: in one he plants a vine to give it strength and in the other he gives a piece of himself. The Frankendunnys come alive. He leaves his laboratory, happy with his success, not noticing a third figure has risen from the decay. Concealed in the shadows, its eyes are glowing, gears are turning, and electric current is pulsing with life.

Doktor A fans, prepare to render your F5 key inoperable on September 6th. Rising from the steel slab of Professor Teslastein’s lab is the Ironclad Decimator Dunny, a riveted Rupture robot hardwired for destruction.

The 8-inch dunny is available in two editions: Regular and Mecha Rupture, as well as a chase that has yet to be revealed. The Regular, fashioned in a metallic silver and gold with a electric blue lightening bolt, will be available exclusively through Kidrobot stores and His counterpart, Mecha Rupture, is a retailer release (store list here). He sports a matte pink with high-gloss black and white palette and black translucent lightening bolt. Both editions are a limited run of 600 pieces and the chase is 200 pieces (1:6 ratio). They retail for $75 per. Buckle up; things are gonna get nutty.

[via the KR blog]


Arts Unknown: Doktor A’s Bella DeLamere Goes Into Production

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At long last, collectors can rejoice as Arts Unknown has just announced that Doktor A’s Bella Delamere has officially gone into production. The figure was met with a rash of mishaps since its announcement back in April 2011, but it’s now full steam ahead for this femme fatale (touch wood).

Above are colour samples of the regular and member’s exclusive editions. The latter, entitled “The Winter Deed”, features matte and glossy white accents. And there’s blood everywhere, so naturally I’m biased.

Expect a release announcement for both editions very soon.

Doktor A’s ‘Ophelia Grimm’ for A Postcard from New Yorkshire, 10.12

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Doktor A has just put the finishing touches on all of the dimensional pieces for his upcoming solo show at myplasticheart this October, A Postcard from New Yorkshire. First to be revealed is this stunning original, Ophelia Grimm:

Chronic nyctophobe, Ophelia is terrified of the dark. Sadly, her grand house was inherited from an eccentric uncle who built it without windows, so she was forced to squander her fortunes on candles…

Miss Ophelia stands 9.5″ tall, or 11.5″ with the vintage brass dome. She and the (seriously impressive) candles are crafted from vinyl, ABS, rubber, lead, glass, styrene, polymer clay, vintage draughtsman’s tools & clock key, and other repurposed treasures.

A Postcard from New Yorkshire opens at MPH during NYCC weekend, Oct. 12, and is on view until Nov. 11th.