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Still Available at Monsters & Misfits III

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Strops Red

Monsters & Misfits III is still going strong until September 26th in Takayama, Japan, but all the artwork is currently online. A good portion of the show has sold, but there are still plenty of amazing pieces left by such talents as Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters, Stan Manoukian, Andrew Bell, Ragnar, and Dok A. We compiled a few of our favorites that are still available to purchase here, but know there are plenty more right here.

Rabid Rabbit Pulltoy by Kathie Olivas

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Rabid Rabbit Pulltoy by Kathie Olivas 480mm tall / oil, acrylic, on epoxy resin, cast resin, wood USD800

A Trio of Terror (not really) for Monsters & Misfits III

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Before the show opens, we thought a final few glimpses or creatures from the night parade would be appropriate.

Leemace, by Stan Manoukian lives among moisturing wood in the forest and has a favored taste for squishie worms. If you see him during the parade, toss him some to eat on because he will be hungry.
SM2The blue Strops by Andrew Bell are getting restless. I wouldn’t want to cross these guys. They are pretty emotional.
abell_abell_strops-blue-MonstersMisfitsIII_26Doktor A has his Flagman ready to cheer on all the monsters and misfits of the parade as they go by, but what he doesn’t know is he is one of them too.
FlagmanWoodFloorMonsters & Misfits III opens tomorrow night!!!!!!


Blimpington takes flight!

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Blimplington1Now, here is a feast for your eyes from Doktor A. Not a bird or a plane but Blimpington!

It looks like it is hard to keep this robot grounded because his mate is having a time corralling him back. Who can blame him with Monsters & Misfits III just over a week away. Blimpington is already floating off for the parade!

Dok A takes his trademark style to another level with this piece. Situated on a cog, Blimpignton is two figures in one containing classic rustic colors and then a splash of new vibrant ones. See if you can hold Blimpington down when Monsters & Misfits III opens September 13 in Takayama, Japan.


Doktor A heads to Dragon Con

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Doktor A returns to  Dragon Con in Atlanta, Georgia this year. (Aug 30th – Sept 2nd).

Dok will have his own booth in the “Comic & Pop Artist’s Alley” in the Hyatt , but he will also be doing a panel rotation!

Title: Automatons & Octopi: The Work of Doktor A & Brian Kesinger
Description: From robot toys to pet octopi, steampunk artists are doing some incredible work. Meet and talk with the creators of mechtorians and the tea girls.
Time: Sun 11:30 am Location: Augusta 1-2 – Westin (Length: 1 Hour)

Title: Doktor A’s Toybox
Description: Doktor A makes a rare stateside appearance, bringing his unique brand of Steampunk toy design back to Dragon*Con!
Time: Mon 01:00 pm Location: Hanover F – Hyatt (Length: 1 Hour)

Come see Dok in Atlanta!

Monsters & Misfits Mondays: Dok A brings out the Skeletons

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NecromancerSo Doktor A looks to have brought the skeletons out of the closet for Monsters & Misfits III.  Keeping with the night parade feel of the show, it looks as if Bruce (Dok A) has one of his robots engineering a parade float in the form of a skeleton known as Necromancer.! This looks like a hard task for the little fella, but Dok’s robots will trudge on with their steam and cogs! We won’t know the full details for a couple of weeks, but we wanted to show you what we could.

Monsters & Misfits III is going to be epic!


Grab a ride with Dok A for Monsters & Misfits III

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What? Is Dok A trying to torture us with this image for Monsters & Misfits IIINow, we can surmise that this has to be a robot of sorts driving a tricycle, but just how big is this dude? Will there be a passenger in the back? Hold up – it looks like the legs move with the pedals too!!! Since this is still a major work in progress before it heads off to Japan in September, we may not know for a bit, but  this looks like an epic undertaking!


Monsters & Misfits III

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You have waited over a year, now get ready, because Monsters & Misfits III is coming back this September to Takayama, Japan!

We’ll have more news coming soon, but we have a few new artists joining in the fun, and we can’t wait to show you what our artists have been cooking up for you!

More of Doktor A and Chet Zar’s ODDFELLOWS

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We thought we would show off just a couple more images from  Chet Zar and Doktor A‘s Oddfellows before the spectacular preview is emailed out containing all the works. You might want to put a helmet on because these may blow your mind!

Chet has an abundance of stupefying paintings that are housed in hand sculpted and cast frames for the show. Just a couple to whet your appetite for now, okay?

Madonna, in all her cyclops glory.

Octoman with his lit cigarette and non caring eyes.Octoman_ChetZar

We didn’t forget about Doktor A at all, we were actually just picking our mouth up from off the floor.

We teased you with some lab equipment earlier in the month.  Now we will show you Bradley Chloride as he concocts a new batch of emotions. Wait, isn’t there a scientist we know by the name of Brad? Coincidence maybe?
BradleyChloridePromoLorezOh, we can’t forget the fez wearing trio known as the Wrinkle Brothers. 

Doktor A and Chet Zar’s Oddfellows opens at Stranger Factory on May 3rd with a reception from 6-9pm.

A Toy Maker makes a Toy Maker

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ToyMakerUnderDomeLorezYou know, this was bound to happen at some point, right? The toy maker Doktor A was eventually going to make a toy maker-themed piece. It has finally happened for Oddfellowsand it is glorious! Just look at the intricate detail of this robot toy maker making more toys at his trusty workbench with a plethora of spectacles. The tiny details, from the miniature glass dome to the tiny bench clamp are absolutely  fantastic. Is this Dok envisioning himself in his own work, maybe?  A toy maker making a toy that is a toy maker is a holy grail for any Dok A fan! Luckily, Oddfellows is only two days away now.



Click more for more images, and Doktor A and Chet Zar’s Oddfellows opens at Stranger Factory on May 3rd with a reception from 6-9pm.

Read More »A Toy Maker makes a Toy Maker

Do you fancy a trip to Doktor A’s Day Spa?

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Do your sprockets need cleaning? Is your mustache in need of curling, or maybe your cogs have cobwebs? Well, how about a trip to the Doktor A Day Spa? Here, all your mechs can get pampered like kings and detailed like rock stars. Your robots can have their brass polished, gears wound, and get a steam clean for your steam engine by the dapper spa attendants.

Doktor A has graciously shown us some teaser images of this huge undertaking of a piece for Oddfellows. From the teaser images, it seems that this is a 360 degree masterpiece of awesomeness. The completed piece has a combination of several size robots and small pieces and parts. This is a very in-depth piece that shows Dok is on his A game (get it…Dok A?) and is stepping it up a notch every time, and with every piece!

BigMechBackLorez BroomLorez TashLorez

Doktor A and Chet Zar’s Oddfellows opens at Stranger Factory on May 3rd with a reception from 6-9pm. Chet Zar will be present.