Destination Designer Con: Mini Skelves

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We already told you about the micro run Blue Monday Boo Skelve, but hold on to your hats because we also have a couple of mini Skelves for Designer Con!

c0d13286471f11e3bc9822000ab78150_7Both with the trademark Masao kitty ears,  one is clear with an embedded lucky skull while the other is a perfect cloudy blue. We don’t have an official name on these elegant blue ladies yet, but we will at DCON, I am sure. The fun is only a couple of days away!

Don’t forget, random line numbers will be given out at our booth #400 when doors open. One per household.

Destination Designer Con: Shing Yin Khor

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This year, joining us for the first time at the Circus Posterus booth during Designer Con is one of this year’s new additions to the artist roster, Shing Yin Khor. We have showed you some of the fabulous sculpts and pins that Shing will have at the con, but she will have plenty more (along with her bouncy attitude and bear death grip hugs).

We have compiled a nice slide show of the rest of Shing’s DCON bounty, including original paintings and more sculpts, and a list of her entire assortment.

nervous scaleybug painting

Picture 1 of 5

Autumn Fattybug | x5 | $70 each
Violet Night Fattybug | x3 | $70 each
Scaleybug Pin(Happy) | x10 | $10 each
Scaleybug Pin(Bleargh) | x10 | $10 each
Scaleybug Pin(Stranger Factory Exclusive) | x10 | $10 each
Green Fattybug Pin | x5 | $30 each
Watercolour paintings(all originals) | x8 | $100 each
Originals/One offs:
Single Horned Aqua Gravebeast | x1 | $200
Single Horned Orange Gravebeast | x1 | $200
Grumpy Scaleybug | x1 | $500

Destination Designer Con: Wandering Misfits

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Wandering Misfits

Based on Brandt Petersand Kathie Olivas’ classic characters

Produced by Cardboard Spaceship Toys
Characters modeled by: Shinbone Creative / Scott Wetterschneider 
Ink-Slinger #5 (Brandt Peters) / DCon Exclusive
Edition: 100
Retail: $15.00 (each)
* Limit one per household
Ash (Kathie Olivas) / DCon Exclusive
Edition: 100
Retail: $15.00 (each)
* Limit one per household
A limited amount of San Diego ComiCon white blanks will be available of all of the WANDERING MISFITS mini figures for sketch and or signing from Brandt and Kathie. These are limited to 2 per person, per day… over the 2 days of the convention.
* White Blank Edition: 100
* Retail: $15.00 (each)

Destination Designer Con: Fuzzlethumps by Chris Ryniak

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FuzzlethumpdconBring on the Fuzzlethumps! Finished and ready for Designer Con, Chris Ryniak‘s Fuzzlethumps are destined to be an instant hit. For the convention, Chris hand cast and painted 10 of these lil’ buggers in a light blue to go along with the rest of his con editions. Each Fuzzlethump will be $175 and ready to give you that goofy smile all the way home.

You can get your Fuzzlethump at the Circus Posterus booth #400 at Designer Con!!!!


Destination Designer Con: Muse No. 1

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MuseGreat news just came in the form of large cardboard boxes! In perfect timing, Brandt Peters will have copies of his highly successful kickstarter Muse No. 1 at Designer Con!!!

Muse No. 1 as Brandt writes is –

“MUSE 1 marks the very first artist sketchbook release under the Circus Posterus Studios sketchbook series. This first sketchbook focuses entirely on my process, my vision, as well as ideas way before they make their way into production – that raw, black and white electric moment prior to production.

I have been meaning to personally produce a sketchbook of my work for quite some time; after much planning, I will be designing the entire book project from start to finish – focusing 100% on my vision and design sense. Much of the concept design in MUSE 1 connects back to actual artwork, toys, prints, and even originals.”

For those that didn’t get in on the kickstarter, a small handful will be on hand at Designer Con for people to pick up and get signed by Brandt himself.  We haven’t even seen a copy yet, so we are beyond stoked to see what unfolds in these pages!


Destination Designer Con: Bugbites by Chris Ryniak

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Bug biteWe are starting to see a theme here! Blue!
Continuing in our Designer Con coverage, we now know one of the exclusives Chris Ryniak has been working on in his skeleton covered lab. Like Amanda, Chris has some minis we have been waiting on for quite a while now. Known as Bugbites, these small toothy little beasties will make their proper debut at the convention in  robin’s egg blue. These fellas are a D-con exclusive and limited to just 50 at $16 each. Have you got your ticket to the con yet? Hurry up!
baggedbiteYou can pick up your line number (random) when the doors open at 9:00am. No sales prior to 9:15am for anyone. Cash preferred.

Destination Designer Con: Pipsqueaks by Amanda Louise Spayd

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PipsqueakDesigner Con is only 8 days away, and we are ready to blow your mind with more release info!

Finally, the Pipsqueaks by Amanda Louise Spayd are here!!! Hand cast and painted by Mandi herself, these 2 3/8″ figures are tiny and adorable. The con edition of only 50 comes in robin’s egg blue with the amazing dark bulbous eyes for only $16 each. Amanda will be on hand all weekend, so come down and have a chat with her and all the Circus Posterus artists at booth #400.
baggedsqueakYou can pick up your line number (random) when the doors open at 9:00am. No sales prior to 9:15am for anyone. Cash preferred.

Destination Designer Con: Leecifer

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Like last year, our amigo Leecifer is hanging out with us for the upcoming Designer Con next week! Lee never falls short on bringing killer work, and this con is no exception.  A couple pieces we can show you now are Neapolitan Squid Girl and Skully Jack.

Neapolitan_SquidGirl_frnt_rght Skully Jack_lft

Lee brings the ill-fated Squid Girl release to new heights while making ol’ Stingy Jack a tad more playful in his new hat. We will have more from Leecifer soon, so keep checking back!

Destination Designer Con: Single Horned Gravebeast one-offs

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imageMore Designer Con news!!! Shing Yin Khor (Sawdust Bear) will have Single Horned Grave Beast one-offs available for $200 at the Circus Posterus booth #400. Mounted on wood, these uni-horned bugs are all expression filled and ready for the Pasadena Convention Center. Have those tentacles been grabbing powdered doughnuts?

This is a prime opportunity to pick up original art like these beasties by Shing and have a fun conversation. Shing is a delight to talk to and her vast knowledge of comics, art, bugs, and weird things knows no boundary.

Designer Con
November 9-10, 2013
Pasadena Convention Center
Exhibit Hall A & B
300 East Green Street
Pasadena, CA 91101

Destination Designer Con: Blue Monday Boo micro run

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1379644_10151966873076327_1646414006_nDo you have your must-have list started for Designer Con yet? It may be just Tuesday, but we are bringing you the Blue Monday Boo micro run for DCON. Since it is a “micro” run of only 8, you better bet your britches these won’t last long. The color choices on this Boo are some of the best to date!

Don’t worry about lining up early on Saturday or Sunday at the con because we will start handing out random tickets with line numbers starting when the doors open. For the first couple hours of DesignerCon, Circus Posterus sales will be handled lottery style.