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Monsters & Misfits Monday: Tofu Bringer!!

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For this Monsters & Misfits Monday, we will keep it short and sweet because I want tofu now.
So for the show in Japan, Andrew Bell has created yet another amazing creature known as the
Tofu Bringer!


Monsters & Misfits Monday: Andrew Bell is all eyes

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How lovely is is to saunter slowly down a cobblestone path in September’s delicious early evening balm, and end up in the elegant town of Takayama, Japan. This is what I imagine for Andrew Bell’s eye riders.
saunterManeuvering into the night can be a daunting task, but if you have eyeball creatures that utilize their optic nerves and extraocular muscles to get you on your way, you are golden! These blind riders have no problem joining into the Monsters & Misfits III parade because they have their lanterns lit and their transportation wide-eyed for the path ahead.

eye ridersAndrew keeps astounding us with his work for this show, and these riders are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. There is so much more to come from Andrew and the rest of the artists, you might want to keep your eyes open like these guys above!



Is Andrew Bell Riding Nerdy for Monsters & Misfits III?

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Things are starting to get weird but even more spectacular with all the work in progress shots we see from the artists for Monsters & Misfits III!
Ridin Nerdy2Speaking of, Andrew Bell is either riding nerdy or riding dirty with this new leggy creation that has a small driver on top. Maybe he is doing a little bit of both! Andrew will hopefully show us the rest of this monstrous guy so we can see just what exactly is going on. We do know that his sad tofu approves, but he is just always sad so don’t let his expression fool you!
sad tofu

WIP by Andrew Bell for Monsters & Misfits III

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Bell MMIIIAndrew Bell is going to Japan for Monsters & Misfits III with the Circus Posterus hooligans, and we have some developing work by his awesome self. This toothy looking glob is well on its way to being a creature straight from Andrew’s head! Still in its very early stages, it seems like a bellybutton is even going to make an appearance (an inny too) with an ice cream coned swirled noggin. We will keep everyone updated on more work when we get tidbits here and there, but we can already tell you that this show will blow you out of the water like Godzilla doing a belly flop!!!



Monsters & Misfits III

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You have waited over a year, now get ready, because Monsters & Misfits III is coming back this September to Takayama, Japan!

We’ll have more news coming soon, but we have a few new artists joining in the fun, and we can’t wait to show you what our artists have been cooking up for you!

Break Me and I Break Your Finger: Andrew Bell’s ‘Kill Kat #1’ for Bewitching II

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Last year, Andrew Bell absolutely NAILED Bewitching with his “Damned Corn” and “Bat Ball” sculpts. And now, the master of the delightfully dark and hilarious returns with the first-ever Kill-Kat, an obvious (albeit carnivorous) interpretation of the Kit-Kat candy bar. So think again before breaking off-a piece —  it’s all teeth beneath that chocolately treat!

Kill Kat # 1 stands 5.5 inches and includes a glass dome so you can sleep soundly at night. The magnetic melted base is removable and the wrapper is just awesome.

Bewitching II opens THIS FRIDAY at Stranger Factory! Roughly forty artists from all over the globe under one roof,  wielding their uber-artistry in the honor of Halloweenia. Prepare yourselves!


The Great Escape: More Sneaks & Preview Info!

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The online preview for The Great Escape will go live on Sat., April 7th, HERE! Requests will only be accepted via email. Absolutely no sales will be taken over the phone, though you’re welcome to call if you have any questions.

We will begin accepting online inquiries on Mon., April 9th, starting at 12 noon PST. Requests may only be sent to strangerfactorysales @ Full instructions will be outlined on the preview page so stay tuned. Good luck!

Andrew Bell Discusses ‘The Great Escape’

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The world of Escape has been without sustainable natural resources for generations, over the years it has slowly become a closed system. The sole remaining source of energy for the inhabitants of Escape is that which is contained within themselves and their existing ecosystem. The ancients of Escape devised a system to harvest that energy which is then stored in liquid and crystalline forms for redistribution. Any waste of that energy, either through malicious actions or accidental deaths, is considered most shameful.

Citizens of Escape are expected to make an honorable sacrifice of their own energy to be harvested at the end of their lives, some families may even sacrifice their youngest children if they are unable to support their existing energy needs. Consume more energy than you are worth, and soon you or your loved ones are marked for judgement.

 A thriving black market energy trade endangers the future of Escape.

On a personal level, the themes and imagery of “the Great Escape” chronicles some of my attempts to free myself from the disabling traps of past emotions and memories, to accept a new reality, and to move on from a love and a life left behind.

 The Great Escape opens Friday, April 6th, with a reception from 6 to 9pm.

Stranger Factory
109 Carlisle Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87106

This double show also features the work of Kelly Denato, and her own personal take on the title “The Great Escape”.

[via Creatures In My Head]

This Week, We Make Our Escape!

First Friday is fast approaching in the Duke City which means the opening of our next exhibition: Andrew Bell and Kelly Denato’s The Great Escape! How ’bout some fresh visual stimuli to continue on with the goodness from last week? Above! Love, death and life collide in a beautiful painting from Kelly, while things get a little heated in a sketch from Andrew, below.

The Great Escape opens THIS FRIDAY at the Factory! Both artists will be hanging out with us for the reception from 6pm to 9pm — stop by for the show and stay for the shenanigans!