Sunday nights have gotten sketchy!

10312470_311260039028532_8769107342838707190_nIt has been almost a full month since our own Brandt Peters started his sketching campaign with all the fans out there. “Creatures of the Sunday Night” started off as an interactive way for any skill level of artist to contribute and draw together with Brandt in the same Instagram studio, and the success of this project has been tremendous.

Every Sunday, Brandt posts a theme on his Instagram page for everyone to be inspired by for a 24 hour character design challenge! So far, the character themes have ranged from cryptozoology and Mother’s Day mutations to circus ghosts and a haunted yellow brick road. Our forum and Instagram feed(follow along with with hashtag #creaturesofthesundaynight) have been laden with amazing submissions from all around the world and Brandt is even there to give feedback and encourage ideas like:

Another fantastic exercise is redraw your #creaturesofthesundaynight idea again and only give yourself 5 minutes… Next redraw that same piece but give yourself 3 minutes… 1 minute… 30 Sec… 15 Sec. Watch what happens with each pass. You will start to adapt to the shorter time frames, and you will be forced to put down your vision faster, taking shortcuts, trimming down details, editing, becoming faster and faster. You will start noticing details you like in each pass and you will bring those details to each shorter time frame (hence editing), but will take risks. This exercise will train you to see details faster, make more decisions on the spot, help you to develop your own drawing style, etc. Push yourself!

It seems everyone has grasped this Sunday undertaking with open arms, and we thought we would show off a few submissions that have made it in under the 24 hour deadline over the past few weeks!

from CarlosAguilar

from Le_Mal


from Creeptoons



from TashaLlama

With only a month in, this has been a great exercise for new and experienced artists alike. Get ready for a new theme this Sunday, and get those pencils ready!


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