Stranger Factory Presents: “Bewitching II” Group Exhibition, 10.5

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Stranger Factory‘s annual Halloween group hoedown, Bewitching II, is back for another season of chills and thrills!

The traditions, folklore, costumes and nostalgia associated with All Hallow’s Eve are all strands that unite the Circus Posterus collective and Brandt and Kathie have called upon nearly 40 of their friends and peers — established and emerging, local and as far off as Japan — to interpret Halloween in their style. Andrew Bell, Lana CrooksDoktor A, FERGGris Grimly, Charlie Immer, Yohei KanekoJason Limon, Rhode MontijoRagnar, Chris Ryniak, Amanda Louise SpaydShigeta Tanaka and Chet Zar are just a tasty sampling of the talent, and the prices are suited to fit any collector’s budget.

To further the excitement, coinciding with Bewitching is the opening of Dead Wood, a mini-exhibition of new works from Arizona-based illustrator and toy designer Gary Ham. The show also marks the release of an exclusive colorway of Gary’s popular “Wooper Looper” vinyl toy; more on that soon!

Bewitching II and Dead Wood open Oct. 5th with a reception from 6pm to 9pm. Both exhibitions will be on view through Nov. 5th.

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