Stephan Webb’s Machinations

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Good Friday has come and gone, and now we’re preparing for Even Better Friday at Stranger Factory, where we’ll open three solo shows by Kathie Olivas, Stephan Webb and Scott Radke!

For now, here’s another look at the amazing machinations of Stephan Webb!¬†This bronze sculpture has a truly stunning amount of detail, and most of them probably aren’t even easy to capture in a picture! I love the blend of industrial-fantasy in this work, and I can’t help but marvel at the miniature pulleys and knots.

IMG_8846 (3)

Webb is one of the most distinctive new voices coming out of the Albuquerque art scene these days, and we are proud to have him showing at Stranger Factory. Come and meet him, shake his hand, clap him on the back, and buy him a drink or a doughnut this Friday(April 5th) at his opening reception for Evolutionary End Game, from 6-9pm!

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