Some Quick Pics from TRIGGER!

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TRIGGER opened with BANG yesterday at Stranger Factory and, fortunately for us, FERG and shop minion Mikee were able to secure us some snaps while amidst the flurry of setup!

We all knew this would be a show that would set the bar for 2012 and now we have the pics to prove it. A melange of 2- and 3-dimensional works, TRIGGER is a showcase of some of the most dynamic, intriguing and downright unusual customs to date from FERG and Brandt Peters. We’ve got sex, we’ve got violence and even some mad scientist goin’ on up in here!

ABQ localites, the show’s on ’til the end of the month — stop by and see it for yourselves! Mailing listers, all will be revealed tomorrow (the 8th) when the preview goes live at noon PST. You’ll have a day to drool over everything and the email request period opens Monday (the 9th) at noon PST. Good luck to all — click through for a full photo gallery below!

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