Paul Kaiju’s Boss Carrion?

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What Kind of BossMonday’s announcement of “Lost Worlds” let the world know that masters of kaiju are coming to Albuquerque, and one of those masters is the man himself, Paul Kaiju. 

Above we have what might be a Boss Carrion from PK, but something is looking a tad different. We know the paint application is signature Paul Kaiju with the palette and technique being dead on as always! But…what exactly is the head here?

In the upcoming weeks, we will bring you all kinds of teasers and work in progress images from the amazing talent we have in store for the show – stay tuned!

Lost Worlds opens August 2nd at Stranger Factory featuring the incredible monsters of Paul KaijuJames GromanJosh Herbolsheimer, Stan ManoukianJoe MerrilGoccodo, and Mutant Vinyl Hardcore. We’ll also be announcing a mini painting workshop by Paul Kaiju shortly(Sunday afternoon, if you’re planning your trip…)!



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