More Monsters from Kathie and Brandt

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The landslide of Monsters & Misfits teasers continue, with this batch coming from Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters. I’m digging the four-legged Masao cat, the Pink Bird and Lucky Lolli, but Brandt’s custom orange Kuma totally steals this round. The cartoon-style gloves, bronze Stingy Jack staff and painted eyes bring such character to the sculpt and the overall engineering behind it is fantastic.

Ha, this is cool — almost like a Lucky Skull set in jello. We’ve seen Brandt and Kathie experiment with embedding objects in the past (remember the Freyja? How bout this guy?), and I’m hoping the idea comes around more frequently. It’s impressive how snugly the Lucky Skull fits and the congealed look of the resin around the skull adds a cool haziness.

Since the Living Between Worlds show at G1988 two years ago, I’ve ached to see more of these wild branch mutations. Finally the ‘gloves’ on Elizabeth make sense — they’re more twig-like than anything, and damn, with branches like that she must stand at least 12 to 14 inches. Beautiful piece (and seems Pink Bird agrees!).

Monsters & Misfits II is presented by Tomenosuke-syoten and the Kusakabe Folk Museum. The exhibition kicks off April 13th in Takayama, Japan.


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