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The preview for Ragnar’sEngine” and Gary Ham’sSentimentrees” goes out tomorrow, but we thought it would be fun to squeeze in a few more glimpses into the show (and their studios).
DSC_0789Another angle in Ragnar’s studio with an entire arsenal of work ready to go to Albuquerque. We finally get a better view of the alien spaceman I was wanting to see, and it is everything I imagined! The almost night vision greens give this alien (or is it human?) a great vibe.

DSC_0835And another view that shows some of the fun in Ragnar’s studio.

Teenwolf_HamYes, you are seeing double! Scott Howard and his alter ego Teen Wolf! Gary’s amazing wood piece is a nice nostalgic throwback to that classic 1985 film. Oddly enough, I watched it this week and it holds up. Be it riding on top of a van as the wolf or hanging in a dark closet with Boof, this wolf will howl this coming Friday at the opening.

Teenwolf_wipRagnar’s “Engine” opens alongside Gary Ham’s “Sentimentrees” on November 1st at Stranger Factory with an opening reception from 6-9pm.

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