More Chris Ryniak for Rotofugi

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The Circus comes to town tomorrow if your town is Chicago. That’s right, the highly anticipated spectacle known as Circus Posterus’ “Traveling Circus” sets up the tents at Rotofugi Saturday night!

We have been previewing all kinds of sideshow fun from the artists the past few weekes, and we thought we would give Chris Ryniak a little love now.

CMR_Ice_Root_Frizzled_CabbagewortIce Root Frizzled Cabbagewort
CMR_Fan_Eared_FennicusFan Eared Fennicus
CMR_Coal _Dust_GourdwortCoal dust Gourdwort

Circus Posterus’ “Traveling Circus” at Rotofugi opens February 15 through March 9th. 

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