Mikee’s Mail Day: Pushead x Secret Base Siamese Werm!

Now that I have been doing these for awhile I took a second to look back and reminisce on some past posts. Some really wicked toys have been shown, but nothing by the master. It may not be known to most folks in the CP community, but I love Pushead. That said, I have gone on a binge recently, so be prepared for some Pus!

This week’s toy is the Siamese Werm. In last week’s post we discussed Secret Base and their amazing ability to reuse parts of toys to create something new and fresh. The Siamese Pirate may be one of my favorite examples of this.

Wanting to do something fresh with the Pushead Captains and Pirates (above), Secret Base decided to just lose the legs and combine them, like so:

The Siamese Pirate sounds silly but actually works really well; the figure allows for a fresh take on existing characters, and the Siamese Werm just ups the ante. By taking the ready-made stump arms and putting them on the Siamese Pirate body, you’ve made something that is already kind of creepy, sad and terrifying at the same time. You know it’s quality Pushead when it’s this creepy.

The Siamese platform has also made great use of the vinyl marbling technique, where you take two colors of vinyl and mix them to create that awesome mottled effect. This only adds to the odd look of the Siamese and really makes for an awesome combination.

Well I got mail a’ plenty on the way, so who knows what we will see next. Although I do know I got a couple of scurvy dogs ready to walk the plank…

Until next time, live that 24/7 Toy Life!

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