KO & BP’s Midnight 4-Legged and Mini Masao Skelves to Release @ Circus Annual, 12.7

Good news for those who missed out on the debut release of Kathie & Brandt’s Midnight 4-Legged and Mini Masao Skelves at DesignerCon: the official CP release for these will coincide with Circus Annual at Stranger Factory, opening Dec. 7!

The 4-Leggeds are an edition of 66 ($250), while the Mini Masaos are a run of 100 ($65). Sign up for the preview here if you’re looking to pick these up. BUT, if the rare Midnight Mini with the GID mask is what you seek (they were an exclusive at Mana’s booth at DCon), keep it locked on the CP forum — the GIDs will be available through a lottery ONLY.

Circus Annual opens Dec. 7 with an opening reception from 6-9pm. Show’s on until the end of the month!

4 thoughts on “KO & BP’s Midnight 4-Legged and Mini Masao Skelves to Release @ Circus Annual, 12.7”

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  2. So, what’s a brother gotta do to score a Mini Midnight Masao Skelve to accompany Camo Blue Elizabeth & the Honey Skelve? Inquiring mindfuck wants to know.

    Btw, the Camo Blue Elizabeth has completely blown my mind!!! First custom, now I’m hooked. Stingy Jack custom next on my list.


    1. Hey Adam!! The Mini Masaos will be available during Circus Annual next month at Stranger Factory, so just keep an eye out for the preview! If you want one with a GID mask, they will only be available on the forum as we only have a couple.

      Hope this helps!

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