It takes BOO to make a thing GLOW right!

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BOO2Last week, we just dangled a spooky carrot, but we’re no longer playing hard to get –  here are a few more images of the Mini Glow in the Dark BOO SKELVE! These are the test pulls from Adam at Truecast Studios and sculpted by Scott Wetterschneider at Shinbone Creative. Both have done a stunning job! These resin beauties are just over 5 inches tall to go along with the sold out Mini Greeter that was released earlier this year, and a perfect older sibling to the Boo Skelve that will be in the Cardboard Spaceship x Circus Posterus mini series.

The array of colors are awesome, regardless of lighting, and the image below shows what these ghostly entities do when the lights are off. Now that we have seen two figures from the upcoming miniseries go a tad larger…what’s next?



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