Friday Night Art Dorkin’ at CP HQ

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Looks like Kathie and Brandt are engagin’ in a bit of #FridayNightArtDorks action right now, as Kathie has just shared a batch of new WIP and teaser shots on Instagram for the upcoming Monsters & Misfits II exhibition in Japan. It’s coming down to crunch time for the artists as these need to start shipping soon to clear customs, so here’s hoping we get a few more juicy snaps in the coming days while things get packed up!

There are a lot of interesting pieces in this batch, most notably the crazy white rabbit Boo Skelve totem up above. This is such a freaking complex and exquisite piece, and given that KO’s rabbits rarely make an appearance in 3D form, this piece is bound to be a showstopper.

This one has me a bit curious. First: what the devil is it? Second: is this a custom or an original sculpt? At first glance it looks like a customized Stingy Jack head (esp. that nose), but now I’m not so sure. The legs are throwin’ me, here. Such a bizarre little fellow.

And here we have Brandt putting on his best artist-face-of-utter-concentration as he manhandles a Skelve’s head. Stare that Skelve into utter subservience, BP! That lout ought to be painting himself!

And what’s this? Boo seems to have gained a Lucky puppet friend. Aw. The little hood is cute — loving all the reinterpretations of Boo in this show (there are more — stay tuned!). Happy art dorkin’ all!

Monsters & Misfits II opens April 13th through the 26th at the Kusakabe Folk Museum in Takayama, Japan.

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