Countdown to the Carnival: A Sneak Peek at the Killer Customs

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BP –  “Madcap Stingy Jack”,  “Baxter” & “Slimon”

Le Carnaval des Spectres opens in just two days and what better way for us spirit-attenders to celebrate than by gawking at some of the glorious eye candy for tomorrow’s opening?

All of what you see here are originals, but fret not as there will be future incarnations of Brandt’s Black Cat (above center), Ooze Skull (above right), and the new Skelve busts. There’s also a whole whack of 2D art, some of which is sampled here.

Hit the jump and enjoy!

KO & BP Skelve bust – “Magick”

KO Seeker 2 – “Molly”

 KO – “Luchador de Muerte”, “Noose” BP – “Jack”, “Mr. Death”

KO & BP Skelve bust – “No. 3”

KO – “Elemental”

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