CMR’s Spectres Come Out to Play at Le Carnaval

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Chris Ryniak has been plugging away in the Monster Dungeon crafting some incredible pieces for Le Carnaval des Spectres next month and these two are just too much. Dubbed ‘Spectres’ (official Bumblefubblerpufflelumpkin name to come), these figures are sculpted entirely from the ground-up, as we saw with the impressive foil armature from last month.

While the photo of the first Spectre suggests he’s escaping his skeletal confines, this little heartbreaker seems to be missing his dentures. D’aww. (And we thought we didn’t have to worry about such things on the other side.)

Le Carnaval des Spectres is a Circus Posterus group exhibition featuring new works from Chris Ryniak, Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters, Travis LouieAmanda Louise Spayd and Teodoru Badiu. It’s the collective’s first-ever European showing and runs from Sept. 13th through Oct. 20th at Artoyz Paris.


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