Clown Jellies spotted in “A Nervous Harbour”

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helmetedclownjelly_detailClown Jellies have been spotted at Shing Yin Khor’s  “A Nervous Harbour” . Shing has done what many oceanographers have only attempted, she has cataloged the infamous Clown Jelly for her show at Stranger Factory.

As she explains –

“Clown Jellies are invertebrates that are only visible in the water that is between 24 to 25 meters deep, no more, no less. If seen, Clown Jellies are easily distinguished by their vibrant colour. While colour wavelengths are absorbed by water, leaving much of the ocean a dullish blue tint to the human eye, Clown Jellies will always appear brightly coloured to divers, even if that is theoretically a scientific impossibility.”

Early reports say Shing has a couple different species of Clown Jelly specimens ready for the public, but right now only one has been spotted.

Above, we have one of the infamous Helmeted Clown Jellies. To keep the species true to form, Shing has created wood boxes with articles from the sea to simulate their home environment, but she also lets them stand alone in all their glory. Now, the Helmeted Clown Jellies are easily distinguishable from similar species by the helmet-like structure atop of their heads that sort of resembles a cap worn by the famous Steve Zissou crew members. We will have to find out from Shing’s research what this added structure means to the jellies, but we do know it adds a wonderous array of colors to this wonderful creature.
khor_s_helmetedclownjelly21You will find Shing’s Clown Jellies at “A Nervous Harbour” from September 6th – 29th, with an opening reception on Friday, September 6th from 6 – 9 PM. Shing will be present, and wishing Brad was there so she can crack new jokes.

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