Chris Ryniak’s Trio of Nuggleworts for ‘Septenary’ @ OhNo!Doom 7.7

Ohhh boy, here comes trouble.

Chris Ryniak’s contribution for OhNo!Doom’s group sculpture show, Septenary, is a trio of buck toofed critters called Nuggleworts. Each of the 6-inch sculpts are one-of-a-kind, made with CMR lovin’ and are never to be seen like this again. And, believe it or not, the Nuggleworts (from left: Valencia,¬†Juneau and Mangrove) are one of the rare CMR breeds that are devoid of the usual, well-endowed cheekage in the rear region (figured we’d share).

Septenary opens July 7th and runs through August 4th. The show preview has already gone out and these three are spoken for (sorry), but you can still pay ’em a visit if you find yourself in Chi-Town!

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