Chris Ryniak’s giant monsters!

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Chris Ryniak’s monsters have been growing up, and despite the image below, we’re definitely talking about the resin kind, not the human sort. If you follow Chris’ Instagram feed, you would have seen him wrestling with large foam armatures, and it’s been so exciting to see them finally come to life!

As Chris says – “Two monsters that I made.” although presumably, one is a collaboration. Chris is a man of many talents, but we are pretty sure those talents stop short of¬†parthenogenesis.

Chris’ critters have gotten more and more expressive in the past couple years, bordering on the uncannily lifelike(if your life is kinda weird). This delightful green lump is clearly happy to be spending some time out in the garden, before he is unceremoniously packed up in a cargo crate to Japan.

Many of Chris’ fan favourite figures, such as the Crumbeater, Nugglewort and Bubblegut will return for Monsters and Misfits III, although it looks like they may take on some surprising and unanticipated forms. And – new to the Ryniak pack is a squinty, toothy, grinning lump, representing in the second row, and perched on top of a couple of Nuggleworts. We will bring you more details on that little dude shortly!


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