Amanda Louise Spayd

Chris and Amanda’s Monsters Make it to Japan!

We’ve just received a fresh batch ‘o snaps from Shinji at Tomenosuke showing off a murder of monsters that just touched down in Japan! Fresh air must be nice after being a bubblewrap and cardboard sandwich for so long — they look exasperated. Best they catch up on some sleep now: it’s showtime in two weeks!

Monsters & Misfits II is a Circus Posterus group exhibition featuring new works from Chris Ryniak, Doktor A., Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters and Amanda Louise Spayd. Hosted by Tomenosuke-syoten and the Kusakabe Folk Museum, the exhibition is on display April 13th through April 26th.

Mandi had a Little Lamb …

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With Monsters & Misfits II packed up and shipped, Amanda Louise Spayd has the old Vesta working overtime as she queues up production for Forgotten Finery, her solo show at Rivet Gallery Saturday. A rather flocculent little lamb is the newest critter to be revealed and while my penchant for wittle toofs is no secret, the shadows around the eyes really do it for me with his piece. Not to mention the thrill (and hilarity) of seeing her monsters turn into animals; pastel-colored bees are also promised at the exhibit, along with the odd overly-ruffled ballerina. That oughta be good.

Forgotten Finery opens April 7th and is on display until the 30th. Amanda will be there so pop by and say hi if you find yourself in Columbus!

‘I Brought Dessert’ by Amanda Spayd for Monsters & Misfits II

Ten inch legs. One and a half inch diameter eyes. Thirty inches tall. And in-freaking-sane. Amanda Louise Spayd appears to be the next queen of Lizzie customs. She made waves with her first Lizzie and Junior for Dragon*Con two years ago and we’ve all been waiting with baited breath for her to revisit the platform. Suffice to say,  ‘I Brought Dessert’ is a knockout and the Kusakabe Folk Museum has yet another breathtaking piece on its way to them for Monsters & Misfits II. Less than a month till opening night!

The Maker Wins Audience Award @ SXSW Poster Competition

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Huge congratulations to Zealous Creative and our own Amanda Louise Spayd for winning the Audience Award at the SXSW poster competition for The Maker! While there were many strong entries, the striking peculiarity and charm of Amanda’s ‘Maker’ puppet (and beautiful, embroidered logo) were enough to sway the judges and secure the short film a triumphant win. Attending SXSW this weekend? The final screening is TONIGHT (!!) at the Alamo Lamar C from 7:15 to 8:48pm. SXSW is on until Sunday.

Amanda Louise Spayd Wraps Up Monsters & Misfits II

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With the shipping deadline right around the corner, Amanda Louise Spayd is putting the finishing touches on her pieces for Monsters & Misfits II. After all the sewing, sculpting, painting and spraying, it’s just a matter of sticking cute little clay faces on cute little dumpy bodies. From what I’ve heard, she’ll have about 7 pieces at the show, ranging from her little sack dudes to Skelves to a custom Lizzie. Oh, and lots of candy. Sounds like a whole lot to squee over, I reckon!

Monsters & Misfits II opens April 13th and runs through the 26th at the Kusakabe Folk Museum in Takayama, Japan. Amanda, Chris Ryniak, Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters will be in attendance.

Amanda Spayd’s Mint Chocolate Skelve for M&MII

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Soft sculptures and candies aside, it appears Ms. Amanda Louise is also bringing a Skelve with her on the trek to Japan!

First teased last July, the antique-laced, button-butted critter marked Mandi’s debut production Skelve and had fans chompin’ at the bit for a release date. Sadly, the edition met a tragic end due to manufacturing issues.

BUT THERE IS GOOD NEWS! Some of her Skelves managed to escape from the factory and Amanda is customizing them for shows (yay!). With that said, say hello to Mint Chocolate, a one-off who’s part of Monsters & Misfits II! More will make their way out of the woodwork in good time.

And to the collectors who were amped about adding an ALS Skelve to the collection: fret not! She is releasing a new Skelve at some point this year … more on that soon!

Amanda Louise Spayd’s ‘All Mine’ for M&MII

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I had to laugh. This is ‘All Mine’, the first critter unveiled by Amanda Louise Spayd for Monsters & Misfits II. She’s a bit candy hoarder (All Mine, not Mandi. Well, maybe Mandi too, you’ll have to ask), and is looking rather befuddled whilst sitting upon her mound of chocolate and … teeth? Ha, welcome to the realm of the weird. Stay tuned for more from our favourite needle ninja — she’s juggling Monsters & Misfits as well as Forgotten Finery at Rivet, so providing she doesn’t pass out in a giant pile of stained fabric, April shall be most exciting. You go, girl!

Fake Candy You’d Eat Anyway

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It appears that, aside from perfumery and critter creation, Ms. Amanda Spayd is quite the keen faux confectioner. Yes, they are fake: resin, in fact. I’m telling you, she’d be a star window dresser, this gal. The sweets are part of the Monsters & Misfits II exhibition in Japan, opening April 13th. Ice cream, cantlers, resin candies … the craving’s are runnin’ rampant!

Amanda Spayd’s ‘Forgotten Finery’ @ Rivet April 7th

Colour me envious, Ohio friends, for you have a very special critter congregation taking place at a well-known gallery in a few week’s time …

Ms. Amanda Louise Spayd is crankin’ the old Vesta into high gear in preparation for Forgotten Finery, a solo show at Rivet Gallery in Columbus April 7th.

Mandi has hinted that she’s ‘going for a sort of 18th-Century France/Versailles/Marie Antoinette kind of vibe,’ and from what we’ve seen with her recent sketches, we can anticipate a combo of new 2- and 3-dimensional works. Much more to be revealed in the coming days and weeks leading up to the exhibition — stay tuned!