Amanda Spayd’s Mint Chocolate Skelve for M&MII

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Soft sculptures and candies aside, it appears Ms. Amanda Louise is also bringing a Skelve with her on the trek to Japan!

First teased last July, the antique-laced, button-butted critter marked Mandi’s debut production Skelve and had fans chompin’ at the bit for a release date. Sadly, the edition met a tragic end due to manufacturing issues.

BUT THERE IS GOOD NEWS! Some of her Skelves managed to escape from the factory and Amanda is customizing them for shows (yay!). With that said, say hello to Mint Chocolate, a one-off who’s part of Monsters & Misfits II! More will make their way out of the woodwork in good time.

And to the collectors who were amped about adding an ALS Skelve to the collection: fret not! She is releasing a new Skelve at some point this year … more on that soon!

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