Brandt Peters X Ferg – TERROR BOYS OOZE [OILISH]

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Logo ooze_oilish_solo_mask You thought you could escape the Terror Boys? How foolish of you! These splatter house miscreants are unavoidable!

Fresh off the last sold out release of  TERROR BOY – OOZE no.00, we are ready for the second installment of horror filled chaos with Brandt Peters X Ferg – TERROR BOYS OOZE [OILISH]. Creeping into retailers shortly, this oilish terror boy is primed and ready to stir the streets with panic. The Oilish retail release will happen shortly, but for now, we can tell you that this fiend is made of 6″ vinyl, ABS and cloth. It includes: 2 sets of arms (classic and 2.1), 2 sets of lenses (black and red), worn wool shirt, dual machetes, and a removable hood and helmet. Also, we know Ferg likes some tricks, so plan on a few hidden treats for some of you aka 10% of the run will feature a random alternate ooze helmet color.ooze_oilish_solo

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