april fools, horseheads and yoyo’s.

We tried to think of some clever April Fools jokes, but we ran out of time, and I remembered that I don’t like April Fools Day much.

Ummm…Brad’s pregnant?

Anyway, we felt that this was as good a time as any to dig up Steve Brown’s yoyo performance at Stranger Factory, because he has an impressive and well groomed beard(I love well groomed beards), and the video is funny. We recommend staying until the end, because that’s the really wonderful part, and not just because you can hear Brandt and Kathie dying of laughter in the background. – 2/27/12 – Serv-o-matic from Steve Brown on Vimeo.

Aside from yoyo-ing around fragile store merchandise, Steve Brown is also part of our press team(he writes all the press releases and coordinates a bunch of other media related things) AND runs Steve Brown Gallery, an upstanding online gallery establishment. Steve is currently holding an exhibit of Paul Escolar’s original ink works, which are fascinating – so check them out! As Steve writes, “Escolar explores Bay Area party culture in a way that is at once aggrandizing and wholly unflattering. The romance is very much gone in this series of ink drawings depicting the excess of youth and the price of being cool.”

Happy April Fools’ Day! No one’s pregnant. No one’s dead. No one’s getting deported. Chris Ryniak has not started making butt jokes on the internet. Amanda Spayd has not started dressing like a lumberjack. Brandt and Kathie are not starting a Stranger Factory franchise in Juneau, Alaska. DrilOne has not decided to trade in rust effects for 19th century Impressionism.

I am still a grump and I still hate April Fools Day. Cheers.


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