After the Migration

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Yes I think Amanda Louise Spayd and Chris Ryniak can celebrate now that all the months of hard work going into Migration is done.

The opening was beyond amazing and the ever so talented artists knocked us all to our feet with their work. The interwebs are inundated with images from a show, but we thought we would show you a few as quick wrap up after the jump.

Amanda and Darwin

Amanda poses with little Darwin before he goes off to a new home.

Derp and erp

A view from below.

Greeting fans

Chris interacts with fans about the show.

Guts and glry

They will not be resting their bums for long, they have places to go soon.

Ham CMR is

What a ham! I mean the crumbeater!


A cornucopia of Ryniak productions.


I wonder how they chopped all that wood?

Walls of Art

The wall mounts should be in every home.

What to pick

What to choose?


Chris and Amanda gave small bindle packs as gifts to those that came to the show from far off lands. You can see we have lovely models.


Inside the bindle packs were all kinds of fun things including a map.


All roads end at Stranger Factory.


The MIGRATION is coming to a close, and you can plant your roots again and rest.

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