The studio is getting packed for Kathie Olivas’ “Scout”

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There is always something profoundly refreshing about seeing an artist’s studio and work bench – it’s like a small glimpse into their world! We are lucky enough to have artists that openly share these images, and we couldn’t be more thankful.

Now, this brings us to the good stuff because Kathie Olivas has done just that. There is so much going on in this image! We don’t see much of the Elizabeth sculpts at the bottom, but luckily we get a good eyeful of the paintings. Kathie’s long canvas pieces have always been my favorites, and it looks like we will definitely get some for “Scout“. Devil horns, tentacle-like appendages, ruffles, tails, and a devil toy on a classic Olivas’ figure? OH MY! And to the left, what is on this even longer canvas, but a No. 9 sweet tooth figure sitting on a tree stemmed stool?

We can’t forget the smaller works below either because it looks like No.8 is reminiscent of one of Kathie’s Scavengers, and sporting a Skelve mask. And there’s a little lady with narwhal headgear peeking out below.

Only a few more weeks until the opening, but until then we are anxiously waiting for more images and news.

Kathie Olivas‘ “Scout” opens April 5th at Stranger Factory along with Scott Radke’s  “Interface”, and Stephan Webb’s “Evolutionary End Game”. An opening reception will occur April 5th from 6-9pm.

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