Chris Ryniak’s herd of Dumpy Dollops for “Migration”

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Imagine hiking in the woods and turning a corner to find Grumblup Vungermirk (above) or Gullop Ficktermucker (below) staring at you. I think most of us would plop ourselves down right there and say “awwwwwwww” as it grins or makes rankled sounds at us.

Well, welcome to the world of Chris Ryniak’s Dumpy Dollups!


Only 6 of these adorable and expressive creatures with extremely long names have made their way to Migration. Ranging in size from the runts at 4 inches to the aspiring NBA players at 6 inches, these stubby critters made of acrylic, epoxy, and large, soulful glass eyes, are ready for the great Migration to a new home (and away from Chris’ karaoke singing). Speaking of our songbird Chris, we got a chance to ask him some questions about these wonderful lumps –

CP: These Dumpy Dollops are amazing. What corner of your brain do these come from? 
CMR: Does the brain have corners?  I figured it was more of a round-ish thing…well, at least that’s how it looks in the science books.

The Dumpy Dollops are kind of like milestones, they dot the edges of trails along migratory routes of more evolved creatures.  Since they can’t really move under their own power due to grossly underdeveloped limbs, they just sit there and encourage travelers, or just grumble at them.

CP: How should a potential owner keep these little dudes happy?
CMR: Never look directly in their eyes!  Or was it ALWAYS look directly in their eyes?  I can’t remember…

CP: The expressiveness of your sculptures has been really increasing – is that a direction you’ve been enjoying(we love it)?
CMR: I find that the more expressive the character, either through action, facial expression, posture or a combination of all of them, the more I can relate to them.  It’s not enough that they are just monsters; it’s important to me that they connect in some way to the human world.

(ed. note: Chris’ ability to render expressions is unparalleled by most, but he’ll be dropping a whole bunch of tips on how to draw them in his Stranger Factory workshop: Creating Expressive Characters)

CP: Can we expect to see more of these lumpy, expressive critters from you, both for Migration, and in the future?
CMR: The answers are yes and yes!  There is one critter who has the biggest grin you’ve ever seen…and he happens to be my favorite piece in the show.  I have lots of plans for happy little dudes for upcoming shows.


(maybe it’s this guy?)

To see the rest of the Dumpy Dollops, and the rest of Chris’ happy, grumpy, lumpy menagerie, be sure to sign up for the mailing list on Stranger Factory’s homepage to be on the preview list.

Chris Ryniak and Amanda Louise Spayd’s “Migration” opens March 1st through the 31st at Stranger Factory (109 Carlisle Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87106).

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