Brandt Peters’s ‘Conjured’ for Baby Tattooville’s ‘X in One’ Print

Beware, Baby Tattoovillers, because Brandt Peters is bringin’ some badass bedevilry to Riverside this weekend. Aside from the debut of CP’s new Lime Masaos,  Brandt’s contributing “Conjured”, a 5″x5″ acrylic, graphite and paper pulp piece for the annual “X in One” print. This little guy just reeks of mischief and I’m loving the subtle nod to of Stingy Jack with the neck ruffle.

In addition to the goodie bags, collectors receive an exclusive print that showcases artwork from all of of the artists who participated in that year’s retreat. Say hi to Travis and Audrey while they sign the 2009 edition below!

Baby Tattooville runs Oct. 5 to 7 at the historic Mission Inn in Riverside, CA.

 [2009 pic via Arrested Motion]

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