Tanya Marriott – Prince Thundercloud


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Artist: Tanya Marriott
Title: Prince Thundercloud
Size: Approx. 9”L x 4”W x 6” tall
Medium: 3D printed Resin, Painted with Acrylics with matte Seal
Limited edition: 1 of 5

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For these designs, I wanted to explore the magic and wonder of siblings and the imaginative
worlds that they create. I grew up with a younger brother who was my constant companion and
playmate during childhood. As children, we built our own play worlds from the items we found
around us. Trees became horses or magical steeds that could transform us into whoever we
wanted to be. The siblings are portrayed riding gryphons. The gryphon is symbolic of courage
and boldness, intelligence and strength, which are attributes developed through sibling relationships.
However, the duality of lion and eagle combined also show the equally important rivalry
and competitiveness between siblings. It is through play acting that siblings find a safe space in
which to explore their opposites and similarities. The hanging charms are inspired by our favourite
sweets when we were kids.