Calan Ree – Star Baby (Red)


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Artist: Calan Ree
Title: Star Baby (Red)
Size: 7.5” long x 4.5” wide x 2.5” deep
Medium: Ceramic

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Each StarBaby is sculpted by hand out of ceramic clay using pinching and coil techniques. The back has a hole for easy hanging as well as a pair of adorable butt cheeks. Sure, you won’t see them when the Star Baby is hanging on your wall, but won’t life be a little bit sweeter knowing they are there?

Each StarBaby has the word ‘wish’ stamped on his or her chest. The folklore around the StarBabies is that if you gently place your left pinky in its belly button and make a wish, the StarBaby will consider granting it. You can also simply ask for good luck. StarBabies have a lot of luck and are generous beings, so they are likely to share some with you.

-Calan Ree