Calan Ree – Pooka


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Artist: Calan Ree
Title: Pooka
Size: 9” x 3” x 3”
Medium: Ceramic

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A Pooka (or Puca) is a shapeshifter, powerful faery. In some traditional tales, the pooka appears as a black horse with glowing eyes that destroys gates and crops and takes drunkards for wild rides. Other forms are human with animal ears or tail, rabbit, dog or goat – either jet black or pure white, all with the ability to speak. It tells tall tales or prophecies and can offer guidance and be helpful, but they can also cause destruction and general mischief. They are generally feared and respected. November 1st is “puka’s day” where farmers leave some of their crops to feed and appease the hungry pooka and it’s the one day the pooka is said to be on it’s best behavior. Pookas may be the origin of many mythic beings from the Easter Bunny to the Bogeyman and can be found in pop culture in rabbit form in films like Harvey and Donnie Darko.