Calan Ree – Mushroom Fairy


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Artist: Calan Ree
Title: Mushroom Fairy
Size: 8” x 4.5” x 2.5”
Medium: Ceramic

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Early Irish Celts believed faery folk were ancient race of supernatural beings that ruled Ireland in the early 19th Century BC. They were eventually forced to flee and made homes in the earth (aka faery mounds). They are still thought to live in faery mounds, but also everywhere else in a faery realm invisible to humans. They are fascinating beings that can cause mischief such as knotting your hair while you sleep to borrowing items from your home leading you to believe you misplaced them. They are also known to do more nefarious deeds such as kidnap adult humans that can serve a purpose such as a wet nurse or to breed or to exchange human children for sickly faeries. But they can also help humans. A simple kindness to the faeries such as leaving out a bit of milk and honey can result in lavish gifts like good fortune or a lifetime of good health. Mentioning a gift may be perceived as boastful and faeries hate that so it’s best to keep quiet. Many Irish supernatural beings are actually types of faeries such as the pooka, leprachaun and banshee.