Shing Yin Khor – The Strange Beast Tarot


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The Strange Beast Tarot conjures up a fascinating and beautiful bestiary of odd forms, curious gods, and creatures who are unsure about their place in this universe(but are still trying to find a place to belong). This is a secretive but enthusiastic deck. It is sometimes funny and sometimes moody, sometimes quiet and introspective, and sometimes excruciatingly literal. Friends have reported that readings done with this deck are gentle and kind, but also a bit on the “tough love” end of things.

Each card design was hand-painted in beautifully rendered watercolor, with light hand-drawn digital editing, and all cards are intentionally designed to retain a rustic and handmade feel. All borders are hand-drawn and all text is hand-lettered. Every card is fully illustrated, including the entire Minor Arcana.

In a creative world that feels overwhelmingly dominated by computerized precision and AI generated imagery, every card in this deck bears the artifact of hand-craft – the blue sketch lines that still ghost beneath the ink, the slightly uneven borders, the stray splotches of watercolour paint.

79 cards (there are two Pages of Wands), standard tarot sized cards, copper gilt edges, cloth wrapped and copper gilded box.